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Spur and Helical Gear Design Software

(C) Copyright 1988-2022 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

Bases for Calculation

The ZAR1+ gear calculation program calculates the geometry and strength of externally and internally toothed straight spur and helical gears with involute toothing as well as rack-pinion gears in conformance with ISO 6336, ISO 1328, and DIN 3960, DIN 3961, DIN 3967 and DIN 3990. The program contains appropriate interfaces for linking it to CAD systems and databases. ZAR1+ generates STL files for 3D printing of the gear wheels.

Geometry Calculation

Once the user has entered the pressure angle, helix angle, normal module, the numbers of teeth, facewidth and addendum modification coefficients or the center distance, the program calculates all the important geometrical data, tool dimensions and contact ratio factors. On entering the gear quality and tolerance zone, the program also calculates the gear data, tooth thicknesses, backlash, chordal dimension over two teeth, diametral dimension M over balls and over pins, and all permissible errors in conformance with DIN 3961 and DIN 3962. Pinion/rack gears can be calculated by setting number of teeth for gear wheel 2 higher than 1000.

Strength Calculation

The load-bearing capacity with respect to tooth root fatigue fracture and pitting can be calculated in conformance with either DIN 3990 / ISO 6336 Parts 1 to 3 or DIN 3990 / ISO 6336 Part 41 (Vehicle transmission).

Special Profiles

To enable users to optimize gear trains with extra-depth gearing, the program allows the tool dimensions of normal and protuberance profiles to be defined freely, with and without tip edge breakage.

Multistage gears

ZAR1+ calculates pre-dimensioning for multistage gears. Simply input transmission ratio and number of stages.


All input data and results can be output clearly on the screen or on a printer.


The tooth shape can be displayed graphically by means of simulation using the gear-cutting tool. In the case of internal gear and planetary gear trains, the internal gear can be shown rotating within the ring gear.


You can execute an animation of the gear tooth contact.

CAD Interface

DXF and IGES interfaces allow ZAR1 to be linked to CAD and DTP systems. ZAR1 generates drawings of the front and side elevation of the gears calculated, plus tables containing the gear data and dimensions.
The tooth shape with involutes and envelopes can be calculated precisely and plotted out in CAD. A single tooth, the tooth space, the complete gear, gear-generating tool, planetary gear train and a sectional view of the tooth action can be displayed on the screen or output as a CAD drawing.
Spur gears can be generated as STL files and manufactured by means of a 3D printer.

Database Interface

The materials used for making gears can be selected from a database and transferred to ZAR1. A database suited to this purpose is one that uses dBase format or the integrated database in the extended version ZAR1+.

Load Spectrum

ZAR1+ allows you to define a load collective and calculate the application factors KA, Results are drawn in life expectancy diagrams.

User Interface

ZAR1+ uses user prompting with pull-down menus and pop-up windows, that allow even the less experienced PC user to find his way around the program quickly. ZAR1 provides users with a relevant help text wherever they are in the program. When the demo mode is selected, ZAR1 runs through a demo program in which an example calculation is performed. ZAR1+ contains more than 50 auxiliary pictures with geometrical signs and formulas used by the program.

System Requirements

ZAR1+ is available as 32 bit and 64 bit app for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7. If the CAD facility is to be used, the system used must be equipped with a DXF or IGES interface.

Scope of Delivery

The ZAR1+ package contains ZAR1+ program and pdf manual, license agreement for an indefinite period of time with update service.

Software Maintenance

ZAR1+ is constantly being improved and updated. Registered users will be offered new versions at a reasonable update price.


HEXAGON guarantees for a period of 24 months that the software will fulfil the functions described.

Download ZAR1+ Demo for Windows (808 kB)

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