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Info Letter No. 126 - March / April 2011

by Fritz Ruoss

FED2+ Production Drawing according to DIN 2099

As alternative to View->Production drawing, another similar production drawing according to DIN 2099-2:2004 can be generated now. Differing from the DIN standard, load cycle frequency is printed in 1/s instead of 1/min, as specified in the EN 15800 standard for compression springs.

FED2+ Quick3 with Goodman Diagram for Bending Stress of Loops

FED2+ draws the Goodman diagram with bending stress of the loops in Quick3 view now, if coiled loops are used. For springs with screwed-in loops or thread bolts or by means of FED2 (without plus), Goodman diagram with shear stress in the coils is drawn, as before.

FED1+ Production Drawing EN 15800

Load cycle frequency is listed in Hz (1/s) instead of 1/min, according to DIN EN 15800:2009

ZAR1+, ZAR5 DIN 58412 Tool Dimensions added to Tooth Profile Database

Tooth profile database was extended with addendum and dedendum of light precision engineering tools according to DIN 58412. Only the typical DIN 54800 specific chamfer at the tool head cannot be represented.

WN2+ Tables

The plus version of WN2 allows you to define non-standard profiles by input of addendum, dedendum and addendum modification coefficients. In case of non-standard profiles, lines "Basic Rack: DIN 5480", "Go-master ring" and "No-go Gauge" are not printed. Another modification: in table DIN 5480:1991, min and max value for over-pin-dimension had to be exchanged.

SR1 - Database for Washers and Washer Material

After choosing washer from clamping plate database, washer material is now selected from mat_p_1.dbf database with material data according to actual VDI 2230 (default: 1.0050).

Furthermore, record number of the washer is saved for the session.

Network Licenses: Station-bound and User-bound Network License no longer available

Until now, we offered network licenses as station-bound, as user-bound, and as floating license. From now on, the only network license type is the floating license. Instead of station-bound network license, individual licenses can be used. If data and databases should be managed central, you can define network drive at File->Settings->Directories.

Another small modification in the discount table for floating licenses: the additional cost for a second floating license compared with the base price of one individual license is now only 20% (25% before).

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