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Info Letter No. 102 - March/April 2007

by Fritz Ruoss

FED2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13: File Preview

Preview as table with essential data is now available in all spring programs. At "File > Open Table", you can list all files of the current folder. You can sort springs to any property by a mouse click with the right mouse key into the title field. A click with the left mouse key loads file and shows Quick View background window.

FED1+,2+,6 Stress Coefficient k of Rectangular Wire

Stress coefficient k for dynamically stressed helical springs depends on coil ratio Dm/d (Dm = coil diameter, d = wire diameter). For springs of rectangular or elliptic wire, width b instead of wire diameter d is used now (earlier minimum of height and width).

FED5 Stress Coefficient k

Stress coefficient k for dynamically stressed springs was calculated too high or too low in some cases (d<<1) und d>>1). Bug fixed.

SR1 MAPre Technical Papers by John Reiff

In SR1, you can consider permanent friction of self-tapping screws and self-locking screws by input of preload torque MApre. This case is not subject of VDI 2230. Calculation base was developed

by John Reiff, see publication at http://www.hexagon.de/pdf/mapre.pdf.

"A Method for Calculation of Fastener Torque Specifications which includes Statistical Tolerancing" is another publication by John Reiff:


ZAR3+ Tooth Contact Drawing

At tooth contact drawing, you can input worm position now. Enter various worm position and see how worm and worm gear moves on background screen.

ZAR3+ File New

At "File->New", input windows "Quality" and "Measurement" had to be added.

ZAR3+ Dimension Over Pins

For single start worms (z=1), dimension over pins was not correct and was calculated without tolerances (OPD max = OPD min). Bug fixed.

WN2+ Calculate DIN 5482 Involute Splines

Although DIN 5482 is no longer valid since 1987, people often ask for a software to calculate involute splines according to DIN 5482. You can use WN2+ to calculate DIN 5482 splines. You only have to calculate tooth height coefficients from root diameter and tip diameter manually.

Differences to DIN 5480: tooth height not constant, internal spline with chamfer.

DIN 5482 defines no reference diameter like 5480. Alternatively, profile shift x is given.

You can calculate tooth height coefficients from root diameters, tip diameters and pitch diameter.

Example: 15 x 12 DIN 5482
df2 = 15, da2 = 12, da1=14.5, df1=11.5, z = 8, m = 1.6, x*m = 0.5
d = m * z = 12.8
x = 0.5 / 1.6 = 0.3125
ha1/m = (da1-d)/(2m) - x = 0.21875
hf1/m = (d-df1)/(2m) + x = 0.71875
ha2/m = (d-da2)/(2m) + x = 0.5625
hf2/m = (df2-d)/(2m) - x = 0.375

HEXAGON Software and Microsoft Vista

Microsoft boasts that security was improved in new Windows Vista. And you see some of these new security functions when installing HEXAGON software. After putting in CD in drive, you must select to run setup.exe. Followed by another message "A not identifiable program wants to access your computer". Now you must confirm that the program is trustworthy.

Then install software, start at "Start > All Programs > HEXAGON", send and receive key code request, start program. At "File > Settings > Graphics", enter 102% at "Dialog Window Size" (like in Windows XP), if you use standard Vista window shape. Else, some input windows are displayed with scroll bars to enlarge window.

If you want to install HEXAGON software on a new computer, you need new key codes. Don't forget to add new computer in license contract and return copy by fax or pdf file.

Older 32-bit Windows versions of HEXAGON software (since 2000) also run on Vista. There is no need to buy an update because of change to new operating system.

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