FED1 / FED1+ Version 30.7

This file contains information about alterations and additions to your

You can view the actualized file at "http://www.hexagon.de/history".


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Mr Fritz Ruoss
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E-Mail: Fritz.Ruoss@hexagon.de
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List and Description of all files

FED1.HLP Help text file

FED1.ERR Help text and error message file

FED1.DEM Demonstration control and text file

FED1.DBH Description of auxiliary pictures

SETUP.EXE Installation on hard drive under Windows

FED1.DOC This is the file you are reading at the moment

*.FED Sample files with application examples

BILD1.PLT Auxiliary pictures as plot files
*.PLT in the HPGL/2 format

AUXBASE.DXF Sample for use in creating your own auxiliary pictures

WFED1.EXE FED1 - main program

FED1.CFG Configuration file
(created by File->Settings->Save)

FEDWST.DBF Material database
FEDWSTR.DBF Relaxation database
FEDWSTT.DBF Tempering database

FED1+ only:
FED1.DBF Sample file for several springs
GUTEKUNS.DBF Gutekunst Company spring catalogue as dBase file
SCHLEGEL.DBF Schlegel Company spring catalogue as dBase file

Record of Changes

V 1.1

Software protection has been improved. If an attempt is made to alter the
license number, licensee or copyright, or to remove these, then the system
will block and can only be restarted with a special program.

When you leave the system, the data last used will be saved in a file called

V 1.2

A spring calculation can also be carried out when the minimum distance
between the coils, Sa, is not in accordance with DIN 2089.

V 2.0

The spring materials can be loaded and output via the file FEDWST.DBF.
The same applies to the spring dimensions via the file FEDABM.DBF.

V 2.1

The characteristic spring curve can be displayed on screen.

V 2.2

Existing springs can be recalculated by entering d, Da, L0 and n.

Layers and font types can be freely configured for the CAD interface.

The current configuration is loaded from the file FED1.CFG.

V 2.3

Calculation correction of e1 for DIN 2095 quality grade 1.

Improvement of file selection.

Paths for DXF and DBF files can be configured.

V 2.4

USER, DATA and LN data records added to dimensions DBF file.
RESERVE increased to 10 characters.

V 2.5

Copper alloy spring wires added to material input.
E-Modulus and G-Modulus corrected for spring steels.

V 3.0

Online input: The input line is selected with the cursor keys. After
each change a new calculation is carried out and the most important
results are shown in the output and error windows.

By entering "<" or ">" for the spring forces F1 and F2, or the wire
diameter d, the minimum and maximum values are calculated.

The Quick output contains all the most important result values on one
screen page.

V 3.1

Degree of help can be configured

V 3.2

New: Fatigue stress diagram (Goodman diagram)

V 3.3

Recalculation: Clamping length l2 and Hub sh can be entered.

Number of inactive end coils can be corrected.

V 3.4

Output: Short output on screen or printer
Printer interface can be configured.

FED1 V 3.5 (7.11.90)

Input: Repetition frequency in 1/s (previously 1/min)
When loading FED files from older versions, the value will be converted.
Standard Printout: Total page number also printed out.

FED1 V 4.0 FED1+ V 3.0 (5.12.90)

Standard dimension input has been removed and completely replaced by
on-line input.

New input for determination of the appropriate material with the help of
the shearing modulus and the installation dimensions.

FED1 V 4.1 FED1+ V 3.1 (28.12.90)

Input dimensioning, recalculation, pre-dimensioning: Up until now F1 and
F2 have been altered for the same L0 when the number of coils, n, was
entered. The new option "Calc.Method" can now be selected which allows
L0, F1 or F2 to remain unchanged when entering n.

FED1 V 4.2 (26.04.91)

CAD: Correction of represented vertical measurements.

FED1 V 4.3 (18.07.91)

Output auxiliary picture: New option for picture display with scale
drawings or formula.
The pictures are plot files in reduced HPGL format and can be replaced
with your own drawings. Please note, when creating your own auxiliary
pictures with CAD:
- Drawing size 160 x 120 mm
- Output as plot file in HP/GL format (HP7475)
- File ending .PLT

FED1 V 5.0 (16.09.91)

Input Statist.Manu.: New options for calculating the spoilage quota with
special tolerances for Da, F1 and F2.
By stating a manufacturing standard for a tolerance in accordance with
DIN, the spoilage for greater or smaller tolerances can be calculated.
Calculation basis is the Gauss Bell Curve of normal distribution.
The input values are stored in the FED file.

V 5.1 (04.01.92)

Data base DBFIN/DBFOUT: The FED1WST.DBF file format has been changed.
The WST_CODE field is now two-digit. For spring materials without wire
selection DRAHT_CODE = 0.

V 5.2 (23.01.92)

The permissible elevation stress, hz, for dynamic load is calculated with
the help of the Goodman diagram and output with the "Standard Output",
"Output Excerpt", "Output Goodman".
When the calculated elevation stress, hz, for dynamic load is greater
than the permissible elevation stress hz, an error message is

V 5.3 (30.03.92)

Data base->Browse (FED1+ only): The spring dimensions, on which the
cursor is located, can be used in the calculation. As the data base
only contains spring dimensions and no installation data L1 is set to
0.95xL0, and L2 is set to 0.90xL0.

V 5.4 (27.04.92)

Output -> Goodman: Diagram for VD, VD-CrV and VD-CrSi

V 6.0 (17.07.92)

CAD->View, cross-section, simplified cross-section:
The following are now taken into account in the scale drawing
- Spring ends flattened or ground
- Coil direction right/left
The individual coils are no longer displayed as a block.

V 6.1 (22.07.92)

Wire entry length, gradient factor and spring weight have now been
included in the Quick output. For statistical evaluation the spoilage
quota is also displayed. This takes the place of the material density
and E modulus.
Statistical evaluation:
Accuracy has been increased in the calculation of spoilage quotas
dependent upon the Sigma factor.
Input->Dimensioning, recalculation, pre-dimensioning
After input is finished the results of the quick output are displayed.

V 6.11 (09.09.92)

If a file with the name "NULL" is available, this will automatically be
loaded when starting the program. This makes it possible to start the
program with individual default values.

V 6.2 (11.09.92)

Output->Quick: The coil ratio D/d is also included.
The corrected shearing stresses k1 und k2 are only provided for
dynamic load, otherwise 1 und 2 are included.

V 6.3 (20.10.92)

Input->Recalculation: Temperature can be entered, the spring rates F1
and F2 will then change.
Input->Pre-dimensioning: Temperature can be entered, the coil number and
Lc will then change.
Output->Standard: The surface condition is not provided for
warm-worked springs as during input they have already been defined as

V 6.4 (17.11.92)

Output->Standard: Different layout, printout covers five pages
(previously four), this enables full printout by all printers.

V 6.5 (01.02.93)

Input->Text: Max. length of drawing number = 15 characters.

V 6.51 (15.03.93)

Error message for dynamic load when k2 > o (upper stress).

V 6.52 (22.03.93)

Calculation of deviation from F and L adjusted to meet DIN.

V 6.53 (27.03.93)

Input->Recalculation: Instead of L2 and sh, now L1 and L2 are entered.

V 6.54 (05.04.93)

Shearing modulus for VD-SiCr (Oteva 70) of 79000 changed to 81500.

V 6.55 (07.04.93)

CAD->Control output on screen: Drawings can be moved with the cursor keys
and zoomed with the "+" and "-" keys.

V 6.6 (20.04.93)

Output: Error "k2 > o" only appears when dynamic load is selected.
Input->Dimensioning, recalculation: The output fields are displayed for
static load 1, 2, h and with dynamic load k1, k2, kh.

V 6.7 (30.04.93)

Statistical evaluation: All tolerances and spoilage quotas for
Dm, F1, F2, L0, e1 and e2 for all qualities grades are now calculated
for the statistical evaluation along with the expected spoilage for Dm,
F1 and F2. An error in the spoilage calculation for F1 and F2 has been

V 6.8 (04.05.93)

Output->Goodman: The time strength curve for 1 million repetitions is
now shown in addition to the fatigue stress curve (=10 Mill.
repetitions). This enables estimation of the life expectancy when the
spring is not fatigue free.

V 7.0 (07.05.93)

Input->Calculation method: Warnings can now be provided in the error
window during spring dimensioning when the preference range is
Preference range: Gradient ratio D/m should be between 2.0 and 2.5.
The slenderness ratio, lambda, should be smaller than 5.
The coil ratio, w, should be between 6.0 and 12.0
Output->Standard: Gradient m =(L0-d)/n, gradient ratio Dm/m and slender-
ness ratio lambda = L0/Dm are also printed out.

V 7.1 (25.05.93) (FED1+ only)

Data base->File: It is possible to use another data base other than
FED1.DBF. In this way you can set up a data base with preferred
springs, or to search through supply catalogues for the appropriate
spring. The file name is stored when the spring is saved.

V 7.2 (03.06.93)

Input->Insert: An additional page is printed out with the data for
cross-compliance when entering a shearing force under Output->Standard.
The increased stresses due to cross-compliance in positions one and two
are taken into account during load.

V 7.3 (24.06.93)

Output->Standard: Coil direction also printed out.

V 7.31 (25.06.93)

Input->Calculation method: The optimization notification provides the
values for coil ratio, Lambda and gradient ratio.

V 7.4 (06.08.93)

New Help System: By using the F1 key a full-sized help picture is
displayed which includes all five lines of help text along with the
appropriate auxiliary picture. The other auxiliary pictures can be
displayed by paging with the F8 and F9 keys.
The existing HLP files for the help texts and the PLT files with the
auxiliary pictures have been incorporated unchanged. In the HLP files
you can add the PLT file name to the input number in order to determine
which auxiliary picture should appear first.
The HLP and PLT files can be appended and modified as required.

V 7.5 (16.08.93)

Input->Manufacture: It is now possible to enter different values for the
upper and lower values for permissible deviation of coil diameter,
spring length and spring forces. In this case the tolerances are not
provided under Output->Excerpt (due to lack of space).
Input->Calculation method: New calculation method for input n: F1 and F2
remain, L0, L1 and sh change.

V 7.51 (19.08.93)

(FED1+ only)
Data base->File: File selection simplified. Extension DBF is permanent.

V 7.6 (28.08.93)

(FED1+ only)
Data base->Pick: The pressure spring data base can be sorted according
to spring diameter, coil diameter, spring rate, spring length, etc.
When selecting a spring, the data can be transfered to the calculation.
L1=0.95L0 and L2=0.9L0 are assumed.
Data base->Reset: Re-indexes the data base. Use this option when a
program crash results in a damaged index file.

V 7.7 (28.10.93)

Output->Quick, Goodman: Graphic output to CAD file possible.
Zooming and shifting with "+/-" and cursor keys possible.
Output: Improvement in display of asymmetrical tolerances.
Hardcopy: The automatic "page up" when printing graphics on needle
printers has been removed. This allows more than one diagram to be
printed on one page.

V 7.8 (06.01.94)

Input->Dimensioning, recalculation: When "#" is entered for the wire
diameter d, the program will insert the next largest wire diameter of
the standard series according to DIN.

V 7.9 (20.01.94)

(FED1+ only)
Data base->Append: If a spring with the same drawing number already
exists, the program will ask if this should be replaced with the new
spring. This is the best solution, otherwise several possible springs
can exist with the same number. The new spring can then be appended to
the data base or cancelled.

V 8.0 (15.02.94)

File-> load: Information whether Da, Di or Dm were entered is also saved.
When outputting or as CAD manufacturing drawing, the appropriate
diameter with tolerances is provided, the other two are shown in
Output-> Buckling curve, G-T-diagram, stress coefficient:
New features for graphic output on screen or to CAD.
CAD: With the additional program DXFPLOT, CAD drawings and diagrams can
be printed to scale on laser printers (with HPGL or postcript), or

V 8.1 (05.03.94)

Output->tau-d-diagram: Diagram showing course for permissible shearing
stress in relation to wire diameter.

V 8.11 (06.03.94)

Output->Goodman: Curve for 100.000 repetitions is now included.
Input->Dimensioning, Recalculation: During on-line input you can jump
to the next field with the cursor keys, also after changing something.

V 8.2 (10.03.94)

Info->Aux.Picture: Auxiliary pictures have been moved from Output
to Info.
Info->Error: For each error message you can have a description and remedy
suggestion displayed. The texts are in the ERR file.

V 8.3 (15.03.94)

Input->Manufacture: An error message will appear if a special tolerance
is entered for Da, Di, Dm or L0 although these values have been released
for manufacturing adjustment.
CAD->Manufacturing drawing: When manufacturing adjustment and tolerances
are the same, Da or Di or Dm will appear on the drawing with tolerances
(depending which was entered last).
Input->Dimensioning: By entering "*" for the wire diamter d, the greatest
possible force for the installation area will be calculated. F1 is set
to zero, d and n remain unchanged.

V 8.31 (28.03.94)

Input: After calculation, a window with error messages is displayed. The
message "Calculation accomplished" no longer appears.

V 8.32 (07.04.94)

Input->Config: The background color for the graphic output can now be
configured. The standard setting is black. In the Windows version, the
changes only take effect after the configuration changes have been saved
and the program is re-started.

V 8.4 (11.04.94)

CAD->View, cross-section, simple section: The most important spring data
for the selected clamping length are also provided. The texts are
defined as blocks so that they can be shifted or deleted as a whole.

V 8.41 (18.04.94)

Data base->Browse: Existing values for L1 and L2 remain provided they are
not smaller than Ln or greater than L0 in the data base.

V 8.42 (24.04.94)

Output: The safety factor S is displayed when the permissible shearing
stress (S<1) is exceeded.

V 8.43 (11.05.94)

Input->Material, usage, application, statistics: A calculation is carried
out even when leaving input with the ESC key. Should errors occur,
these will be displayed on screen. Press ESC to leave the error window.
It is also possible to have descriptions of the error messages displayed
on screen.

V 8.44 (24.05.94)

Input->Config: DEM files (demo control files) are used as auxiliary
picture directory.
Windows version only:
Title line: The name of the current file is shown in the head line of
the window.
Print->Clipboard: A copy of the current window is copied into the
clipboard and can then be loaded into Paintbrush or a Windows text

V 8.45 (06.06.94)

CAD->Manufacturing drawing: Texts for temperature to/from and spring
rate R individually positioned so that proportional and non-proportional
fonts can be used.

V 8.46 (14.06.94)

CAD->Manufacturing drawing: Material also displayed even when going
directly to CAD output after loading a file.

V 8.47 (01.08.94)

Windows version: Text printout on Windows printer possible.

V 9.0 (14.08.94) Calculation (FED1+ only)

Spring costs calculated in relation to manufacture, measurements, wire
length, material and tolerances.
Data base->Calc.: Data bases for material and manufacturing prices,
spring grinding and settling can be appended and altered.
Subject to:
- Material and manufacturing costs: material and weight or wire
- Grinding: material and installation size (wire diameter plus coil
- Settling: pre-stress force
Output->Calculation: Spring costs also provided.

V 9.01 (22.08.94)

Output->Calculation: Manufacturing costs of 0.10 DM/m are taken into
Cost/100 items provided.

V 9.02 (27.08.94)

CAD->Manufacturig drawing: Shearing modulus at working temperature
Windows version: Entries for Input->Usage and CAD->Manufacturing drawing
have been included in one window.

V 9.1 (09.09.94)

Output->Temperature: Diagram for temperature dependence on shearing
modulus or spring force F1, F2 is displayed. Working temperature (from
usage case) and temperature limits (from CAD->Manufacturing drawing) are
Output->Curve: Spring curve can be selected for output with or without
tolerance band for quality grades 1, 2 and 3.
Output->Standard: Max. diameter for guide bar and min. diameter for
guide bush also included.
Output->Diagrams->DXF File: Complete with ENDSEC.
Windows version: Input->Text: transfered correctly.

V 9.2 (20.10.94)

CAD->View, cross-section, simple cross-section: You will be asked if the
spring data should be displayed as a text block. It can be sensible to
omit the text block when inserting the drawing into a CAD file because
DXF and IGES files with blocks can only be loaded in new drawings with
some CAD systems (AutoCAD).

V 9.3 (29.10.94)

File->Load: Display of Quick output after loading a file.

V 9.31 (07.11.94)

Overflow error for very small coil number intercepted.

V 9.32 (08.11.94)

CAD->Manu.Draw.: Default for settling length is L2.

V 9.33 (22.11.94) (Windows version)

Input->Config->Printer: Monochrome printout can be configured. All
lines will be printed out in black in the same thickness for graphic
printouts (under Print->Print). With a few laser printers some colors
were too light, or not printed out at all.

V 9.4 (30.11.94)

Output->Curve, Goodman, buckling diagram etc.: Drawing name, drawing
number, text and, if necessary, material are stated.

V 9.41 (08.12.94)

Data base->Append (FED1+ only): The data base is re-indexed after
appending with a new data record.

V 9.42 (11.12.94)

Data base->Pick, search: Springs are only listed, it is not possible to
make modifications here. The Windows version display occurs in a
Network versions: Write protect is supported for DBF directory.

V 9.43 (12.01.95)

Input->Config->DXFPLOT: The DXFPLOT command line (previously under
directories) is now configured under a different menu item.

V 9.5 (24.01.95)

(FED1+ only)
Data base: New data base file "GUTEKUNS.DBF" with approx. 4000
Gutekunst company catalogue springs.
Data base->Search: A greatest and smallest value can be entered for F2 as
for the force F1. The deviation F1 is also taken into account when a
relative total deviation is entered. This only allows filtering
out of springs which meet the prerequired tolerances of spring
force F1. Standard values for L1 and L2 are no longer required as they
are superfluous.

V 9.51 (27.01.95)

(FED1+ only)
Data base->Browse: As required, a selection field (as an unchangeable
list box in Windows) or a Browse window can be displayed.

V 9.6 (31.01.95)

Output->Goodman: The curve for spring wires with tau zul > 1200 N/mm no
longer goes over the diagram border, but has been re-scaled (applies to
Nirosta and VD wires with d < 0.5mm).

V 9.7 (13.02.95)

When the degree of help is greater than 0, a Quick output is displayed at
the end of the input block instead of an error message list.
Info->Aux.Picture: Description of each auxiliary picture (from DBH file).

V 9.71 (16.02.95)

CAD->Manufacturing drawing: The block length Lc (previously L2) is used
as standard for the settling length. During input, L2 and Lc are

V 9.72 (21.02.95)

(FED1+ only)
Data base: Index files (*.IND) are stored in a temporary directory or
working directory.

V 9.73 (23.02.95)

Output->Printout: V number also printed out.
Input->Dimensioning, recalculation: In the Windows version several
fields are transfered before a calculation is carried out, with the
exception of De, Di, Dm and n.

V 9.8 (13.03.95)

When for dynamic load no data exist for the Goodman diagram, then the
permissible elevation stress cannot be calculated (e.g. for the wire types
A and B). In this case the error message "no material data" appears.

V 9.81 (18.03.95)

Text output in Windows version: The Windows editor is used instead of the
scroll window.
File->Settings: If no temporary directory is configured, the current
working directory will be used (Otherwise the directory for the
temporary DXF file is not clearly defined for printer output via

V 9.9 (21.03.95)

Info->Aux.Pict.: Selection from list with description of auxiliary
pictures. The texts are in the DBH file.
Output->Excerpt: Now includes natural frequency fe, buckling strength,
the factors s2/L0, L0/D. Table now includes safety factor number.
Output->CAD->Diagrams: The diagrams are displayed on screen immediately
under "Output" or "Display". The menu item "Diagrams" has been added to
"CAD" for output into CAD files

V 10.0 (22.03.95)

Animation: The spring movement between two clamping lengths can be
simulated in FED1+.
Data base, Output (DOS version): Uniform menu for FED1 and FED1+.
Windows version: Display window for zoom area is transparent.

V 10.01 (04.04.95)

CAD->Diagrams: Goodman diagram has been included.

V 10.1 (11.04.95)

Output->Standard: "Non-buckling" will be displayed when the spring
buckling path is sk>sc.
File->open, load: You will be asked if entered file should be saved.
DXFPLOT: The temporary DXF file "DXFPLOT.DXF" will be saved in the
temporary directory.
Configuration->DXFPLOT: Setting features for DXFPLOT made easier.

V 10.11 (15.04.95)

Data base->DBF-OUT: Temporary data base files are saved in the temporary
directory (not as previously in the data base directory).
For floating licences the user, program and time will be saved in the file

V 10.12 (22.04.95)

Input->Configuration-(File->Settings)->CAD Layer: All layers will be
displayed in the same color when the setting is "monochrome".

V 10.2 (26.04.95)

Output->Excerpt: Flattening of spring ends, shot blasting and coil
direction are included in the printout.

V 10.21 (02.06.95)

Error message "Error : Tolerance Dm/d !" will occur when during
calculation the tolerances accord. DIN 2095 of the coil ratio, Dm/d, are
between 4 and 20, or when accord. DIN 2096 they are between 3 and 12.
Remedy: Enter tolerances manually.

V 10.22 (23.06.95)

Default value for flattened end coils is 1.0 per side.
A warning will be displayed when a smaller number of end coils is used for
cold-worked springs.

V 10.23 (28.06.95)

CAD->Manufacturing drawing: The term "if" is replaced by "n", and "Da" is
replaced by "De".

V 10.3 (26.07.95)

Input->Calculation method: The calculation methods are saved and loaded.
By saving with the file name "NULL" this calculation method will become
the default.

V 10.4 (12.08.95)

CAD->Manufacturing drawing: Individual texts are more precisely located
so that even when using different text width factors such things as the
exponent in "N/mm" are correctly placed.
Windows version: Perpendicular writing and dimension texts better

V 10.41 (14.08.95)

Input->Dimensioning: Number of iteration steps for calculation of
smallest and greatest force increased (with ">" and "<"), because for
the smallest forces the end value was not reached.

V 10.42 (16.10.95)

Quick-Output: "Non-buckling" will be displayed when the spring buckling
path is sk>sc.
IGES Translator V3.1 (21.11.95): In line 3 draw.name & draw.no., solids
were entered as Form 11 instead of 63.

V 10.43 (23.11.95)

Quick, manufacturing drawing: Tolerance for F1 is only displayed when F1
is greater than 0.

V 10.44 (11.12.95)

Pre-dimensioning or defining other material: Rm and tau zul remain
unchanged (program break no longer occurs during pre-dimensioning).

V 10.45 (14.12.95)

CAD->Manufacturing drawing: By entering zero for the settling length
"....." will be entered in the drawing.

V 10.5 (12.01.95)

Standard printout: The symbol for permissible elevation stress has been
changed from "tau hz" to "tau khz" as the value is in relation to
dynamic load (as can be deduced from the Goodman diagram).
Goodman diagram: Safety against fatigue stress also printed out.
Edit->Dimensioning: F1 is recalculated when the spring rate R is entered.
L1 will appear in the output window (instead of R).

V 10.6 (26.01.96)

(FED1+ only)
View->Calculation: Spring costs can be provided in different currencies.
Currencies and conversion rates are in the data base file "MONEY.DBF".
Under "Data base->Calculation the file can be appended and altered as

V 10.61 (31.01.96)

File->Settings (Input->Config with DOS): Different text styles and text
widths can be configured for texts in CAD and screen graphics as the
text distention on screen and in CAD is often different depending on
text style. When entering a graphic text style, please remember that
only fonts available in the system control may be used. When entering,
please pay attention to blank spaces and upper or lower case letters.
Usually, after a text style has been entered, the text width factor
needs to be altered as text may be displayed too wide or too narrow.

V 10.62 (10.02.96)

Settings/Config->CAD Layer: The colors used for layers 16 to 31 can be
reconfigured (Windows version only).
Under "File->New" the name and material data of the selected material is
now correctly transfered.

V 10.63 (19.02.96)

View->Drawing: Spring drawing.
View->Temperature: With sub-menus in the Windows version.
Data base->Search, browse (FED1+ only) The Quick picture is displayed
when a data record is accepted.

V 10.7 (04.03.96)

Edit->Calculation Method: Here you can now also configure during
dimensioning and new input of a spring, whether or not the clamping
length L1 should be entered instead of L2
If you always want to use this calculation method then you should create
a "NULL" file.
CAD->Manufacturing drawing: Safety against fatigue fracture is provided
with dynamic load, or "durable until x % lift" when safety < 1.

V 10.71 (21.03.96)

Animation: Flimmering during screen change after long appearance of
individual pictures has been improved, in addition more single steps

V 10.72 (11.05.96)

(Windows version only)
File->Settings->External programs: The result printout can now be loaded
into an external text program and the data bases can be edited by any
data base program (or with the HEXAGON DBF-Browser DBROWSE).
Data base->Alter: The spring data base can be edited with an external
data bank.

V 10.8 (05.06.96)

Edit->Calculation method: The safety distance Sa between the springy
coils can can be set to 1.5 Sa (2.0 Sa for warm-worked
springs) instead of according to DIN 2089, or set to Sa dyn = Sa stat
(produces warning "Sa <> DIN 2089".
New calculation after completing input for the calculation method.

V 10.81 (12.06.96)

View->Goodman: "durable until .. % lift" only included for dynamic load.

V 10.82 (09.07.96)

CAD->Manu.drawing: Minimum diameter of bush and maximum diameter of bar
rounded up or down by 0.1 mm.
Error messages: Warnings, when taking the manufacturing tolerances into
account in extreme cases F1 becomes < 0, F2 < 0, F2 > Fn or F2 > Fc.

V 10.83 (15.08.96)

File->Settings->Printer (Windows version only): Scale and zero point
displacement for graphic printout (screen dump) can be set. Border:
Graphic is drawn with border.
File->Print (Windows version only): Old menu item "printer settings"
replaced by new window with printer selection and settings.

V 10.9 (06.09.96)

View->Excerpt: e1 and e2 also printed out.
Edit->Calculation method: Warning "End coils < 1" and "buckling"
can be suppressed.
File->Open, save: Maximum diameter guide bar and minimum diameter bush
are also saved.
Archiving mode: Correction of repeated question "save file".

V 11.0 (12.09.96)

Documentation (new menu)->change: Up to eight changes with short
description, date, editor and long description can be entered. The
changes are shown on the manufacturing drawing with an index. Under
Change->new the index is increased by one, with "change" you can alter
the last entry, and with "delete" the index is reduced by one.
Document->Document 1-4: Here you can reference an accompanying text, a
drawing, table, etc. Under "Document->Setup" you can configure the
file name and program with which the file should be edited. You need
only click on the document 1, 2, 3 or 4, then the required document will
be loaded into the configured program.
The altered texts as well as the document configuration with path will
be saved in the FED files.
Goodman diagram: Number of repetitions until breakage also included.

V 11.01 (19.09.96)

Document->Drawing info: Creation date, "Replacement for", and "Replaced
by" can be entered. This data is printed out in the drawing header of
the manufacturing drawing.
CAD->Manufacturing drawing: The date of creation is used as drawing date.
"Replacement for" and "Replaced by" are included when an entry is made.

V 11.02 (26.09.96)

Document->Drawing info: The name of the person creating the calculation
can be entered under "Created by", it is then included in the drawing
header when printed out.
CAD->Manufacturing drawing: A company logo ("$LOGO_1.DX$") can be added,
or the drawing header ("$FRAME_1.DX$) can be altered with the help of
DXF files which you can create yourself.
File->Settings->Degree of Help: The licensee window and user/password
requirement can be suppressed in program start of the Windows version.

V 11.1 (01.10.96)

(FED1+ only)
Data base->Append: The consecutive material number (1 thru 24) is used
as the default for the material number.
Data base->Browse, search: When the material number is smaller than or
equal to 24 and the data base shearing modulus corresponds to the one
in FED1+ then the material will be accepted, otherwise go to "Other
Materials". The material number is moved left aligned.

V 11.11 (05.10.96)

View->Standard: When outputting as a text file, the result lists can be
loaded as TXT documents into Excel or Quottro Pro.

V 11.2 (12.10.96)

View->Goodman, Standard: Life expectancy in hours is included.

V 11.21 (18.11.96)

Program crash due to number overflow in life expectancy calculation has
been rectified (occured for a calculated life expectancy of less than
one repetition).

V 11.3 (22.11.96)

View->Frequency play: Frequency play curve in resonance range also

V 11.31 (27.11.96)

File->Settings->DXFPLOT: Several DXFPLOT command lines can be
pre-configured, e.g. for drawings and diagram printouts.

V 11.4 (28.01.97)

Edit->Calc-checkup: Output Window with natural frequency.
Life expectancy: 0 life cycles for safety tauhzul/tauh < 0.001
(avoids floating point overflow).

V 11.5 (07.02.97)
Edit->Dimensioning: With input of spring rate R,
F1, F2 or sh is calculated (instead only F2). Can be configured
at Edit->Calculation method.

V 11.6 (08.02.97)
(only Windows)
Edit->Quick: Quick input (replaces File->new).
File->new: Initialising of input data with "NULL.FED" file:
1. Reset of drawing data and modification
2. File "NULL.FED" is loaded (if exist)
3. Drawing date = system date
4. Input of the most important data (like before)

V 11.61 (13.02.97)
CAD->Prod.drawing: Dimensions with manufact.compenation are not marked
at "quality class".

V 11.62 (19.02.97)
Database->OUT-DBF: Field length at FED1ABM.DBF corrected.

V 11.63 (24.02.97)
(only FED1+)
View->Cost: Spoilage cost added to total cost.

V 11.7 (27.02.97)
Edit->Dimensioning: With "<" for L2:
L2 = Ln + Tolerance F2 / R.
Warning: L2>Ln (S=x.x): Safety S=(L2-Lc)/Sa.
S=1 at L2=Ln, S=0 at L2=Lc.
Warning: Setting !: Warning, if tau2>0.7*tauzul.
Factor tau2/tauzul is displayed.
Warning taun>tauz,tauc>tauz: Safety factor is displayed.
S=tauz/taun bzw. tauz/tauc

V 12.0 (01.03.97)
Edit->Pre-Dimensioning: With input of F1, F2 and sh
a spring with minimum spring length and maximum tension at L2
is calculated (L2=Ln, tau2=0.7*tau zul).
The old Pre-Dimensioning was now renamed to "Dimensioning Material".

V 12.01 (06.03.97)
Edit->Pre-Dimensioning: Calculation with coiling ratio D/d=9.

V 12.1 (13.03.97)
View-Standard,CAD-Prod.draw.: Solid length Lc with tolerance.

V 12.2 (24.03.97)
View->Standard: Warning, if the distance between coils is less than the
wire diameter for shot-blasted springs.

V 13.0 (29.03.97)
( only FED1+ )
Edit -> Clac.Method: Compression springs with elliptic, quadratic and
rectangular wire section can now be calculated. When confguring
elliptic or rectangular wire, height and width will be asked instead
of diameter (at Dimensioning and Re-Calculation).

V 13.1 (16.06.97)
(* FED1+ only *)
File->EDI: EDI file as interface for connection with other software.
Command line mode: With "FED1 filename /E" an EDI file will be loaded,
spring calculated, EDI file written back, program stopped.

V 13.2 (02.08.97)
Edit->Application: If you enter an external mass, the natural frequency
of the spring-mass system is calculated and displayed in the resonance

V 13.3 (04.08.97)
Database->Search: Deviations of F1,F2,De to the database spring in % are

V 14.0 (20.08.97)
Material database: Material data from FEDWST.DBF database. Data may be
modified and appended by the user.
Descriptions to European standard EN 10270 and perm.working temperature.

V 14.1 (29.08.97)
Buckling Fk/sk added to char.line.

V 14.2 (16.09.97)
(FED1+ only)
Database->File: Only valid spring databases can be selected.
(listed in FED1CAT.DBH).

V 14.3 (20.09.97)
View->Bending diagram: Values for Fk and sk added.

V 14.4 (11.10.97)
FEDWST.DBF: New database field NO (ident code for material).

V 14.5 (13.10.97)
(Windows only)
Edit->Dimensioning, Calc-Check-Up: Input Windows is displayed,
calculation results are actualised in quick output.

V 14.52 (01.11.97)
Edit->Predimens.: Error message "Fatal: Rm=0 !" if no material was selected.

V 14.53 (03.11.97)
View->Quick: Production compensation.

V 14.54 (06.11.97)
Database->File: FED1.DBF instead of FED1DBF.DBF.

V 14.55 (11.11.97)
File->EDI: Line 4352=tauk2, 4410=Load cycles

V 14.56 (19.11.97)
Database->Sort: Catalogue database is closed, then indicated new,
after entering a spring.

V 14.57 (21.11.97)
View->Drawing (DOS-Version): View spring drawing (unloaded spring).
Error message Rm=0 and d=0, if d=0 and no material selected.

V 14.58 (09.01.98)
View->Standard,Excerpt,Quick: Tolerances e1 und e2 are shown only if
spring ends are ground.

V 14.6 (11.02.98)
CAD->Upper View: Axial View of the spring.

V 14.7 (16.02.98)
View->Goodman, Database->Material: If FEDWST.DBF material database
includes only values for shot-blasted or non-blasted condition,
FED1 draws the Goodman diagram with an average factor of 20% higher
perm.stress for shot-blasted springs.
Calculation for no. of cycles and life expectancy improved.

V 14.8 (25.02.98)
View->Excerpt: If dynamic load, lines with taukn and taukc (coefficient
k considered) are added.

V 14.9 (04.05.98)
Database->Material: For adding new materials, database parameters may be
generated from input of two diagram items.

V 14.91 (05.05.98)
CAD->Prod.drawing: Dimension arrows filled.

V 14.92 (17.06.98)
File->Settings->Directories: Default-Data path configurable.

V 14.93 (24.06.98)
Tolerated worm torque (De,Dm,Di) stays unchanged after execution of
precalculation or Quick input.

V 14.94 (10.07.98)
Material database FEDWST.DBF: shear module G changed form 81500
to 79000.

V 14.95 (21.07.98)
Quick Input: Perm. stroke tension tauhzul included.

V 14.96 (25.08.98)
View->Extract: Symbol "taucn" changed into "tauk".

V 15.0 (06.09.98)
New 32 bit Release.
View->Statistics: Gauian normal distribution curve for
F1,F2,L0,e1,e2. (FED1+ only)

V 15.01 (27.09.98)
NT-Version: Datenbank->Append activated.

V 15.02 (07.10.98)
32-bit-Version: View->Cost: Modifications at material cost

V 15.1 (11.11.98)
Goodman-Diagram: life expectation issued only, if permissible
load cycles < 10 million

V 15.11 (16.02.99)
Edit->Production drawing (32-bit Win): Dialog Window for production data

V 15.12 (11.03.99)
View->Diagrams: Layer 16 instead of Layer 5 used.

V 15.2 (10.04.99)
View->Quick2: New Quick output with essential data only

V 15.3 (01.06.99)
Edit->Text: 2nd drawing name (max.30 char.)
View->Prod.drawing: 2nd drawing name on header.
Max. no. of characters increased from 20 to 25 (draw.name) and 15 to 18

V 15.4 (15.09.99)
CAD-Prod.drawing: max.chars. for surface protection increased to 45 (from 30)
add.remarks now 100 chars. max (from 60)
material name 3 printed
e1 und e2 skipped, if 0.

V 15.5 (30.09.99)
Edit-Manufacturing: spring end free defineable

V 15.51 (15.01.00) FED1+ only
Edit-Dimensioning: For rectangular and elliptic wire, FED3+ calculates min.
values, when entering 0 for b and h

V 15.6 (10.02.00)
CAD->Prod.drawing: drawing with/without load and setting length.
Warning, if grinding pressure R/Dm < 0.03.

V 16.0 (15.05.00)
CAD->3D: center line helix of the spring as 3D line.

V 16.1 (10.10.2000)
OLE: Connection with Microsoft Excel for import/export of data.

V 16.2 (30.10.00)
Warning "coil ratio" omitted, if toleranzen for F and L were entered
View->Quick,Standard,Prod.drawing: Lc without tolerance

V 16.3 (01.11.00)
Edit->Calculation Method: New dialogue window

V 16.4 (09.01.01)
View->Relaxation,Standard: Relaxation of spring load.
Database->Relaxation: Relaxation data for min/max stress, wire diameter and temperature.

V 16.5 (11.02.01)
View->Char.Line F-L: Load - Spring Length Diagram
View->Standard: coil diameter at Lc added (=D+deltaDe).

V 16.6 (18.04.01)
Edit->Prod.drawing: Option "Ls=Lc": Setting length = block length

V 16.7 (20.05.01)
CAD,View->Prod.Drawing: Display only one load for F1=0.
Edit->Recalculation: Enter L1= to set L1=L0

V 16.8 (08.07.01)
Database->FEDWST: Enter data pairs to calculate database parameters.
Database appended by Inconel, Nimonic, 13RM19

V 16.9 (01.09.01)
View->Standard: Data of resonance calculation are printed, if external mass
was defined at "Edit->Application".

V 17.0 (14.09.01)
File->Settings->Printout: Imperial Units: Input of Geometry in inches,
forces in lbs, stresses in psi, temperature in F.

V 17.1 (09.11.01)
Recalculation, Predimensioning WST, Quick-Input: Input of De or Di or Dm,
Select at "Tolerances" or "Calculation Method".

V 17.2 (05.02.02)
Edit->Calc.Method: Switch to imperial units.

V 17.3 (28.03.02)
View->Drawing: Springs from rectangular and elliptic wire as section drawing.
Edit->calc.Method: Dimensioning/Recalculation after changes.
Edit->Quick: Recalculation for springs of rectangular or elliptic wire.

V 17.4 (11.04.02)
Edit->Quick, Edit->Calculation Method: Choice between Dimensioning
and Recalculation after modifications.

V 17.5 (20.11.02)
View->Relaxation: Calculate relaxation with tau instead of tauk.
Warning for TT2relax.
View->Buckling Diagram: nue and lambda added.

V 17.6 (19.08.03)
Edit->Material: Dimensioning or Recalculation after material selection.

V 17.7 (12.09.03)
Edit->Base Data (Quick): One window now
Edit->Base Data->Dimensioning: higher wire diameter for dynamic load
Edit->Dimensioning: Only 1 field De, Di or Dm

V 17.8 (24.09.03)
Edit->Dimensioning: considers static/dynamic application for calculation
of F1 min/max, F2 min/max (with input of < and >)

V 17.9 (25.09.03)
Edit->Dimensioning,Recalculation: Input "+" and "-" for d to calculate
next/previous standard size.

V 18.0 (04.10.03)
View->Compare Material: Calculate spring with all suitable materials
from database
Network versions: netstat.doc with environment variables USERNAME,

V 18.1 (14.01.04)
Edit->Base Data: Button "mm<->inch"

V 18.2 (05.05.04)
Material database: 11R51:Rmmax changed from 2150 to 2350
Inconel X-750: ST+age, Tmax changed from 600 to 370
New: Inconel X-750T+3HT, Inconel X-750T.No.1, Hastelloy C-4, Monel 400, Titan

V 18.3 (11.06.04)
Database->Tempering: Info about tempering

V 18.4 (04.10.04)
Edit->Material: Wire tolerances according to EN 10218-2

V 18.5 (08.10.04)
View->Prod.Drawing DIN 2099: according to DIN 2099-1:2003 for
cold-formed springs
Edit->Tolerance: Input text marked by selected manufacturing compensation

V 18.6 (20.10.04)
Edit->Material: Wire tolerances according to EN 10270-1,2,3 added.

V 18.7 (20.11.04)
View->Haigh-Goodman: Haigh diagram (reduced to pulsating load) for springs.

V 18.8 (09.06.05)
View->Prod.Drawing: Min/Max diameter mandrel/bore rounded 0.05mm
(instead 0.09mm)

V 18.9 (28.09.05)
Help->Language: Menu English/German/Korea
Document->Drawing Data: Insert text into production drawing.
File->New: Message "Calculation successful without errors" or
window with error messages after end of input and recalculation.

V 19.0 (06.02.06)
View->Animation: Pause in ms between animation steps configurable.
Modifications on default values. Buttons for L0, Ln, Lc.
View->Drawing: Profile, Drawing L=?, 3D-Drawing L=? for spring drawing
of any length between L0 and Lc.

V 19.1 (16.10.06)
Database->Spring Database: functions in submenu
Database->Spring Database->Append *.fed: Springs of all fed files from
the selected folder are added to spring database.
Database->Spring database->Erase All: Deletes all records in spring database

V 19.2 (18.10.06)
File->Open (Table): Preview and select from table of most essential
spring data.

V 19.3 (19.10.06)
File->Open (Table): Sort: Click into title cell by right mouse key.

V 19.4 (06.11.06)
File->Open (Tabelle): New fields added: date, spring loads, spring lengths.

V 19.5 (29.11.06)
Edit->Production drawing: Select surface protection

V 20.0 (12.12.06)
Edit->Load Spectrum: Input spring length and number of strokes for liefetime
calculation of load collective.
View->Load Spectrum: Tables and diagrams load collective, percentage of
strokes and damage.

V 20.1 (12.02.07)
File->Open (Table): Table extended by spring travel, shear stress,
safety margin, life expectation.

V 20.2 (06.06.07)
View,CAD->Production Drawing: Wire length and coil pitch added.

V 20.3 (21.08.07)
Edit,View,CAD->Production Drawing: Spring mass m added.

V 20.4 (03.11.07)
File->Print Macro: Print text, diagrams and drawings.

V 20.5 (25.02.08)
Edit->Material: Database button for selection of material and sort in
database window added.

V 20.6 (03.06.08)
File->Open (Table): Field wmass m added.

V 20.7 (17.07.08)
View->Stress->tau-d: Table Rm,tauz=f(d) added.

V 20.71 (28.07.08)
Material database fedwst.dbf:
Changes at tensile strength and permissible shear stress tauz:
Material Change Rm at d=1mm
EN 10270-2 VDC + 5%
EN 10270-3-1.4310 (NS) + 5%
EN 10270-3-1.4568 + 14%
EN 10270-3-1.4401 + 11%
EN 10270-3-1.4310-S2 (Sandvik 11R51) + 10%
EN 10270-3-1.4310-S1 (Sandvik 12R10) + 5%
EN 10270-3-1.4568-S1 (Sandvik 9RU10) - 5%
EN 10270-3-1.4401-S1 (Sandvik 5R62) - 6%
EN 10270-3-1.4571-S1 (Sandvik 8R70) - 6%
EN 10270-3-1.4462-S1 (Sandvik SAF 2205) + 3%
EN 10270-3-1.4539-S1 (Sandvik 2RK66) + 1%
EN 10270-3-1.4310-S3 (Sandvik 13RM19) - 4%
EN 10270-3-1.4462-S2 (Sandvik Springflex) - 5%
EN 10270-3-1.4462-S3 (Sandvik Springflex SH) - 3%
EN 10270-3-1.4310-HS new (7% higher than NS)

V 20.8 (01.10.08)
View->Quick: diameters Ddax and Dhmin of bore and mandrel added.

V 21.0 (21.01.09)
View->Quick3: Spring drawing, load-extension diagram, Goodman diagram and
results on one page.

V 21.1 (09.03.09)
File->Settings->Settings: Configure result screen (Quick, drawing, diagram..)

V 21.2 (21.03.09)
View->Quick3: sk, L, m, Ddmax, Dhmin, W12 added.

V 21.3 (21.07.09)
Edit->Tolerances: DIN 2095 replaced by EN 15800.
Edit->Tolerances: different quality class may be defined for F1 and F2,
e1 and e2.

V 21.4 (01.10.09)
Edit->Dimensioning,Recalculation: background window (regenerated after
each modification) shows configured graphic (instead of Quick).
Default result graphic is now Quick3 view.
Edit->Material: Tolerance for fatigue strength limits (of Goodman diagram).
View->Printout,Goodman: calculates min/max load cycles and life time from
defined tolerance.

V 21.5 (02.10.09)
View->S-N Diagram: Woehler curve with tauk1 constant

V 22.0 (19.11.09)
Edit->Calculation Method: Dimensioning and Recalculation for 1 load and
1 spring length configurable.

V 22.1 (01.02.10)
Edit->Application, View: Error message, if FQ causes buckling of the spring.

V 22.2 (04.02.10)
Edit->Recalculation load-deflection: Add up to 6 spring lengths to calculate
load and stress.

V 22.3 (20.02.10)
View->Quick3: includes Goodman Diagram only if "dynamic stress type"
was selected.

V 22.4 (08.03.10)
View->Quick3: tau/tauz and tau/Rm added to table
View->Relaxation: tauz, tau2/tauz, tau2/Rm added

V 22.5 (16.03.10)
File->DBF Export: Creates DBF file with spring data.

V 22.6 (24.03.10)
Edit->Prod.Drawing: Disable Fn, Ln, taun in production drawings

V 22.7 (06.05.10)
View->Printout: Delta De and Dec calculated with more precise formula.
View->Printout: coil space aW=P-d printed.

V 22.8 (19.05.10)
View->Printout, Quick3: Energy W0c added
View->Quick3: Tolerances of L0 and F1,F2 added.
Material data added for static load.
Table with quality classes

V 22.9 (06.01.11)
File->Export dbf,xls: Export parameters as dbf or xls file.

V 23.0 (11.02.11)
View->Quick3,Printout,Goodman: Life cycles printed only if tauk2<=tauo
Edit->Material: Default tolerance for endurance strength = 0 (w/o tolerance)

V 23.1 (28.03.11)
View->Production Drawing EN 15800: Load cycle frequency in Hz
(instead of 1/min)

V 23.2 (02.09.11)
Edit->Calculation Method: If "Hide Warnings" is set, load cycles and
lifetime are calculated even if tauk2 > tau0.

V 23.3 (30.09.11)
View->Temperature: Temperature values added.
View->Production drawing EN 15800: self-defined tolerance listed in field 10.
Edit->Tolerance: Imperial units switch.
File->Settings->Units: Option for N/mm or MPa
View->Quick3: Tolerance grade listed only if not production compensation.

V 23.4 (19.11.11)
Calculation wire length and weight tomore precise formula:
Ld = hypot(pi*Dm,P)*n +hypot(pi*Dm,d)*(nE1+nE2)

V 23.5 (05.01.12)
View->Quick3: Production compensation added

V 23.6 (03.04.12)
View->Tension->tau-d (log.): tau-d diagramm in logarithmic scale of x axis.

V 23.7 (05.04.12)
Edit->Material->Tolerance d: T12, T13, T14, T15 to EN 10270-3:2012 added

V 23.8 (07.04.12)
Edit->Material->Database: If you select material from database, FED1+
sets tolerance class according to EN standard (others: T4).

V 24.0 (11.04.12)
Database->Rmmin, Rmmax: Tables with tensile strength min. and max. (in
delivery condition, may be higher after heat treatment)
View->Tension->tau-d: Tensile strength Rm,min and Rm,max added from tables
as step fuction.
View->Tension->Quick: Tables with Rmmin,Rmmax and Rmcalc together with
tau-d diagrams (linear und logarith.) on one page.
Database->fedwst.dbf: Modification of Oteva 90, nitrided: higher Rm.
New materials added (according to new EN 10270:2012):
EN 10270-2 FDSiCrV
EN 10270-2 VDSiCrV
EN 10270-3-1.4301-NS X5CrNi18-10
EN 10270-3-1.4301-HS X5CrNi18-10
EN 10270-3-1.4539 X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5
EN 10270-3-1.4462-NS X2CrNiMoN22-5-3
EN 10270-3-1.4462-HS X2CrNiMoN22-5-3
OTEVA 91 SC nitrided VD-SiCrV+Mo
OTEVA 91 SC not nitrided VD-SiCrV+Mo
OTEVA 100 SC nitrided VD-SiCrV+Ni
OTEVA 101 SC nitrided VD-SiCrV+Ni
Database->fedwstr.dbf: relaxation data of Sandvik SpringflexSH added.

V 24.1 (31.05.12)
Edit->Production Drawing: Material description settings (name2+name3).

V 24.2 (23.10.12)
Edit->Material: Red-marked records (to be deleted) are not listed.

V 24.3 (12.11.12)
View->Quick3: Spring drawing in length L0, L1 and L2.
Edit->Recalculation: Additional input of pitch P (recalculates number of
active coils n).
View->Printout: Relaxation of spring length L0 added (L0,48h and dL0,48h)
View->Quick3: F2,48h ergnzt.
View->Error messages: Warning, if F2,48h < F2min

V 24.4 (13.11.12)
Edit->Calculation Method, View->Goodman: tauoz line in Goodman diagram
can be set alternatively as tauoz = tauz = 0.56 * Rm.

V 24.5 (27.11.12)
View->Quick3,Printout,Goodman: Life cycles printed in brackets if tauk2>tauoz
(see modifications of V23.0 and V23.2)

V 24.6 (03.01.13)
View->W-s Diagram: New diagram for spring energy

V 24.7 (10.01.13)
View->Load deflection curve Fn' wird ausgegeben, falls taun>tauz.

V 25.0 (05.02.13) (FED1+ only)
Edit->Calculation Method, Dimensioning, Recalculation: Compression spring
made of hollow wire can be calculated.

V 25.1 (04.03.13)
Edit->Material: Database (priority) and database (complete)

V 25.2 (09.03.13)
View->Quick3: Coiling direction and setting added.
View->Prod.drawing Quick3: Drawing with Quick3 data and buckling diagram

V 25.3 (13.03.13)
View->Quick4, CAD->Quick4: New drawing in A3 frame incl. Quick3 content,
buckling diagram and load spectrum (if available).

V 25.4 (25.03.13)
View->Stress->tau-s: Tau-s diagram with shear stress from travel.
Radial load FQ considered in taun and tauc bercksichtigt (former
only in tau1 und tau2).

V 25.5 (04.04.13)
View->Diagrams: 12 Diagrams on 1 page.

V 25.6 (04.05.13)
View->Quick3,Printout: Number of load cycles and life expectation in brackets,
if tauk2>tauz or L2

V 25.7 (08.05.13)
Edit->Material: Cupper alloys updated according to DIN EN 12166:2011-08
CuSn6-R980 -> R900 (Rm = 900 Mpa)
CuBe2-R1310 -> R1300 (Rm = 1300 MPa)
CuCo2Be-R750 -> R730 (Rm = 730 MPa)
Edit->Material: Tolerance d to EN 12166 Klasse A added (set automatically
if you select EN12166 materials from database).

V 25.8 (11.06.13)
View->Fatigue Strength->Smith: Smith-Diagramm
View->Fatigue Strength: Goodman, Haigh and SN diagram now in submenu.

V 26.0 (24.06.13)
Edit->Dimensioning Material: Table with all database materials. Compare
number of coils, tauz, tauhperm, safety stat. and safety dyn.
New materials in fedwst.dbf:
GARBA 177 PH and GARBA 177 Supreme
Modifications in fedwst.dbf:
#19 (1.4568) Rmmax from 2700 into 2400 MPa
#28 (9RU10): Rmmax from 2600 into 2400 MPa
Modifications in fedrmmin.dbf and fedrmmax.dbf: Text column with remarks.

V 26.1 (03.08.13)
Better performance for network versions by reduction of database accesses.

V 26.2 (22.08.13)
Edit->Calculation Method: Goodman-Diagram tauoz = 0.6 Rm (for preset springs)

V 26.3 (23.09.14)
Decimal sign depends on Windows settings.
Help->System Info

V 26.4 (08.10.14)
Edit->Calculation Method: Safety tauz/tau2 for pre-dimension and minimum
wire diameter configurable.
Edit->Calculation Method: Coil ratio Dm/d for pre-dimension configurable.

V 26.5 (09.10.14)
View->Printout->Production Compensation: Prints limit values.

V 26.6 (07.11.14)
Modification: Tolerances for load and spring length according to
EN 15800:2009.
View->Error Messages: Warnings, if dimensions beyond defined validity limits
for selected tolerance grades according to EN15800 and DIN 2096.

V 26.7 (12.02.15)
View->Quick3,Quick4: table with De1, De2, Den, Dec.

V 26.8 (11.05.15) (FED1+ only)
View->Relaxation: If d < d1 of fedwstr.dbf, use d1.
Warning dd2relax, if wire diameter out of predefined limits.
View->Relaxation->Rx%=f(tau,T): New relaxation curves with d spring for
operating temperature and max. range of working temperature.

V 26.9 (05.06.15)
Edit->Production,Application,Load spectrum:
New Calc button for calculation and updated results in background graphic.

V 27.0 (24.07.15)
View->Quick: e1 and e2 added.
View->Quick3,Quick4,Production Drawing Quick3:
distance between coils aW added to Tabelle L,F,tau.
View->Quick3,Quick4,Production drawing Quick3:
Table with tolerance and tolerance class also for DIN 2096 or self-defined.
Tolerances e1,e2 added, but listed only if end coils ground.
File->Settings->Result Screen: default=Quick3

V 27.1 (03.08.15)
Edit->Production drawing->Draw mandrel and bore: dimension with 2 digits
if d < 16mm.

V 27.2 (10.08.15)
File->Settings->Drawing: Drawing header (ISO/DIN) and copyright notice of
production drawing is configurable.
View->Production drawing: field 13 (add.remarks) removed.
Document->Drawing data: Additional input cells if ISO 7200 is set:
(Responsible dept., Doc.type, Doc.status)
Document->Link: replaces "Document Setup" and "Document 1" .. "Document 5".

V 27.3 (03.09.15)
View->Printout: Rm min/max and perm.shear stress tauperm min/max added.
Edit->Calculation Method: Display Rmmin/max and tau min/max?
Error Messages: "tau1,2 > tau zul min !"

V 27.3.1 (04.09.15)
Help->Manual: Open user manual.

V 27.4. (28.10.15)
Edit->Production Drawing: Input of mandrel diameter as option.

V 27.5 (11.11.15)
Edit->Production Drawing: Input of bore diameter as option.
Edit->Load spectrum: select unit of time period in s,min,d,a.

V 27.6 (16.11.15)
View->Fatigue Strength: JIS-Goodman Diagram.
Edit->Material: JIS SWP-A and SWP-B added in database.
Edit->Material->Tolerance diamater d: JIS G 3522 added.
Help->Auxiliary Images: F1-D-106 added: get parameters for Goodman diagram.

V 27.6.1 (27.11.15)
Edit->New: Same as in "File->New", but without reset of input data.

V 27.7 (30.11.15)
View->Production Drawing: Drawing compressed if ISO 7200 with 10 mm border
is configured.
Edit->Production drawing: load cycle frequency not printed, if
"display F1,F2" is unchecked.

V 27.8 (9.12.15)
Edit->Material: Database setting and self-defined material properties

V 27.9 (11.12.2015)
View->Drawing, Quick3,4, Animation: Symbol "<" in spring drawing, if
spring buckles.
View->Buckling diagram: points at nue=0.5, 0.707, 1, 2, if spring buckles at
spring length L2.

V 28.0 (04.01.16)
Edit->Dimensioning,Recalculation: Fields marked yellow, where input changes
previously data fields.

V 28.0.1 (22.01.16)
Database->fedwst.dbf: EN10270-2-TDC added, name "(TD)" removed at VD wires.

V 28.1 (19.02.16)
Material database: EN10270-2-TDCrv, TDSiCr, TDSiCrV added (Goodman N/A).
View->Temperature: shear module with temperature coefficient according to new
EN 13906-1:2013
Edit->Production Drawing: error messages for input of mandrel and bore
only if selected by checkbox.
Spring mass: reduced mass by grinding of end coils considered.

V 28.2 (04.04.16)
Edit->Material, Production: If cold coiled, drawn or shelled only. If
hot-coiled, rolled or ground or shelled only.
Input "surface" checked and corrected.
Edit->Application: Input of required load cycles added.
View->Production drawing: Load cycles (required and calculated) can be
printed in production drawing.

V 28.3 (04.05.16)
Edit->Calculation method: Warning aW0>d: If used as safety spring, distance
between coils must be less than wire diameter.

V 28.4 (10.05.16)
View->Prod.drawing: If Prod.compenasation by n (number of coils),
"Lc ~ .." instead of "Lc<=..".

V 28.5 (10.06.16)
Edit->Base data: Calc button for calculation and display results.

V 28.6 (13.06.16)
Edit->Dimensioning installation space: calculate optimum springs for given
installation space. Display results as point cloud. Display list with best
spring properties: safety static/dynamic, mass, block distance, natural
View->Quick3,4: Installation space drawn, if available.
File->Open Table: coil ratio Dm/d added in table.

V 28.7 (16.06.16)
View->Fatigue Strength: Goodman diagram with tolerance zone, load cycles
printed with min/max value.

V 28.8 (20.07.16)
Warning: P0/Di > 0.7 ! because pitch > 0.7 Di complicates production.

V 28.9 (09.08.16)
Ansicht->Relaxation->Rx%=f(t), RxF2=f(t): Relaxation data in table corrected.

V 29.0 (10.08.16)
Edit->Quick: New input window with all input data and result graphic
available on one screen.

V 29.1 (19.08.16)
Edit->Tolerance: Input of spring rate tolerance as option.

V 29.2 (31.10.16)
Edit->Calculation method, Goodman: for hot-rolled springs you can set
fatigue strength limit to 2E6 (instead of 10E7). This influences
fatigue strength diagrams and life calculation of hot-rolled springs
(for bar diameter > 10 mm).

V 29.3 (10.11.16)
Edit->Quick: For spring drawings 2D and 3D you can enter assembly length
L near "Display".
File->save: Assembly length saved.

V 29.4 (09.01.17)
View\Printout\Cost: databases actualized.

V 29.5 (20.01.17)
STL->Spring: STL file of the spring for 3D printer and stereolithography.

V 29.6 (10.02.17)
Edit->Production Drawing, View->Printout, View->Quick4:
Setting length Ls with setting load Fs and stress taus added.

V 29.7 (11.10.17)
View\Printout\Cost, Database\Cost: material cost for d<1 corrected,
parameters for heat treatment, shot-blasting, measure in FKPARA.DBF.

V 29.8 (16.11.17)
View\Temperature\Table: Table with operating temperature, 20C, range.
View\Quick3,4: F2,48h hidden, if springs defined pre-set (prod.drawing).
View\Quick4: with temperature table.

V 29.9 (26.01.18)
STEP: 3D center line as STP file.

V 30.0 (14.02.18)
STL->Mandrel, Bore, typecase: produce mandrel, bush and type case for the
spring on your 3D printer.

V 30.1 (12.03.18)
CAD->Production drawing DE+EN: Drawing bilingual German+English
STL->Spring: Wire face closed if end coils not ground.

V 30.2 (16.03.18)
View->Production drawing international: Drawing language EN, DE, FR, IT,

V 30.3 (21.04.18)
fedwst.dbf: EN10089(11..17,61..72): Rm=f(d) with DR0=60, DRM=380
View\Stress\Rm,tau-d: curve tauzmax added (hot-coiled springs only).

V 30.4 (15.05.18)
View->Printout, Energy: W02/W0z and W0n/m added.
File->Open Table: W0n/m added.

V 30.5 (8.6.18)
View\Spring Energy: W0z drawn, if W0zView\Printout: Wn = min(W0n,W0z) added.
View\Quick3: Wn instead of W0c listed.

V 30.6 (4.8.18)
View\Printout\Standard Printout: weight of wire (gross weight) added.

V 30.7 (9.10.18)
Edit\Dimension installation space: Init added for initaial spring data.
Edit\Expert Mode: show/hide additional menu items.