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WN2 / WN2+

Software for Involute Splines according to DIN 5480

(C) Copyright 1994-2022 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

WN2 software calculates geometry and transferable torque of drive toothing with involute flanks. Apart from the result printout, there are also features for output of drawings and tables to screen and printer as well as CAD DXF and IGES interfaces for generation of drawing files for export to CAD systems.


All necessary manufacturing data is calculated by WN2 from datum diameter, pressure angle, modulus and gearing width. The geometry can be displayed on screen, printed out or exported to CAD.

Data Base

WN2 includes a data base which contains all combinations of toothed shaft joints in accordance with DIN 5480 (approx. 700 data records). The data base file can be modified and appended by the user (via WN2 or with other programs).

Strength Calculation

WN2 calculates admissible torque or safety according to Niemann (2005), Roloff/Matek, and Niemann (1981).


WN2 calculates all measurements, shape, angle and circular deviations from the tolerance field and tolerance series accord. DIN 5480. All table values are provided by WN2.


The program calculates span width and dimension over pins (min, max & nom. values) from dimension and tolerance field.

Material Data Base

The program contains a data base which contains the most important shaft and hub materials along with their values (elasticity modulus, tensile strength, permissible pressure).

CAD Interface

A true-scale drawing of the involute spline can be exported to CAD via the DXF or IGES interface, along with a drawing table containing the most important data. There are also features for displaying tooth contact picture and tool profile.

Plus-Version WN2+

The extended version WN2+ provides an additional input window for tooth height factors and profile shift coefficients. This enables you to design non-standard splines. Reference diameter dB is calculated from profile shift x for this case. Addendum modification coefficients can be calculated from span width or dimensions over pins. This eases the design of a partner profile for an existing internal or external spline.

HEXAGON Help System

For each input the HEXAGON Help System with help text and auxiliary picture can be displayed. When error messages occur you can have a descripton and remedy suggestion displayed.

Scope of Delivery

The WN2/WN2+ package includes program with application examples, auxiliary images, detailed user manual (pdf), input forms, license agreement for indefinite period of time (perpetual license).

Information and Update Service

HEXAGON Software is continuously improved and updated. Customers are regularly informed about updates and new editions.

Download WN2 Demo for Windows 11/10/8/7 (678 kB)

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