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W N 1

Software for Calculation of Cylindrical and Conical Interference Fits according to DIN 7190

(C) Copyright 1992-2022 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin


WN1 calculates cylindrical and conical interference fits according to DIN 7190. Input data includes material values, friction coefficients, dimensions, minimum pressure or transferable moment, or axial force to be transfered. Since version 8.0, WN1 can calculate stepped hubs up to 10 segments. Since release 9.0, you can calculate Tapered Interference Fits.


During dimensioning it is possible to have the dimensions of the counterpart calculated for a required ISO tolerance of hub or shaft. The ISO dimensions for borehole and shaft in accordance with ISO 286 are provided by the program.


Existing interference fits can be calculated by input of dimensions, interference or ISO tolerances. Thanks to on-line input dimensioning and recalculation can be used to observe how interference fits react if individual values are altered.

Joint Data

If cylindrical interference fit, WN1 calculates assembly force for cold fit as well as assembly temperature for hot fit. For taper interference fits, WN1 calculates mounting force, required penetration and dismantling force.

Material Data Base

Materials can be selected from the integrated data base. The data base can easily be appended or modified with your own materials.

Friction Coefficients

Friction coefficients for loosening and slipping in longitudinal or circumferential direction can be entered directly or suggested by WN1 in relation to the seaming process and material according to DIN 7190.

Influence of temperature and speed

For different temperature coefficients of shaft and hub material, WN1 calculates pressure and interference for both, room temperature and operating temperature. For high-speed shafts, WN1 calculates joint pressure reduced by centrifugal force and lift-off speed.


The calculation results can be displayed on screen, printed or saved to file.

Stress Spectrum

The stress course through the cross-section of shaft and hub is graphically displayed on screen.

Interference Fit Graphic

Minimum and maximum interference along with all dimensions can be graphically displayed on screen.

CAD Interface

Drawings and diagrams can be generated as DXF or IGES files for export to CAD. The program can produce a test certificate in accordance with EN 10204.

HEXAGON Help System

In dialogue windows you can have help text and auxiliary images displayed. When limiting values are exceeded the program will display warnings and error messages. You can then view the error description with remedy suggestion in the Error-Info Window.

Hard and Software Requirements

WN1 Software is available as 32-bit or 64-bit application for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

Scope of Delivery

The WN1 package includes WN1 program, user manual (pdf), database files, application examples, input forms, license contract for indefinite period of time.

Information and Update Service

HEXAGON Software is continuously improved and updated. Customers are regularly informed about updates.

Download WN1 for Windows (672 kB)

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