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Software for Involute Splines according to DIN 5482

(C) Copyright 2007-2022 by HEXAGON, Berlin

Calculation of Involute Splines to DIN 5482

WN10 software calculates dimensions and strength of a toothed shaft joint with involute flanks to DIN 5482 (Release 1950).

Another application for WN10 is the calculation of self-defined non-standard splines: you can directly enter tooth tip diameters and tooth root diameters of external and internal spline, and WN10 calculates tooth height coefficients.

WN10 calculates strength of the joint according to Niemann (2005).

WN10 provides generation of true-scale tooth profile drawings with CAD interfaces DXF and IGES.


You can select DIN 5482 sizes from database, or input all dimension data.

Profile Database

Database includes DIN 5482 standard dimensions of internal and external spline. Database may be extended and modified by the user.


From tolerance series and tolerance zone, WN10 calculates all dimensions and backlash or oversize.


The program calculates span width and dimension over/between pins (min, max & nom. values) from dimensions and the selected tolerance fields. Whereby no. of teeth meas. and pin diameter can be altered.

Strength Calculation

WN10 calculates transferrable torque or safety against permissible flank pressure according to Niemann:2005

Drawing Tables

Table drawings with dimensions may be printed or exported to CAD.

Tooth Profile Drawings

True-scale drawings of tooth profile, tooth contact, reference profile may be exported to CAD or printed on screen.

Production Drawing

WN10 generates a production drawing on a drawing header to DIN.

CAD Interface

True-scale tooth drawings, production drawing and drawing tables can be generated as DXF or IGES file, and imported by any CAD software.

Hard- and Software requirements

WN10 runs under Windows 11, 10, 8, 7.

Scope of Delivery

WN10 program, user manual (pdf), license for unlimited time use.


HEXAGON gives a 24 month guarantee on full functionality of the software.

Information and Update Service

HEXAGON Software is continuously improved and updated. Customers are regularly informed about updates and new editions.

Download WN10 Demo for Windows (701 kB)

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