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T O L 2

Tolerance Analysis Software for Assembly Groups

(C) Copyright 1997-2024 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

TOL2 is used in combination with TOL1. First use TOL1 to define parts and components. Save it to TOL1 files. Now use TOL2 to assemble the TOL1 components by clicking TOL1 files and defining connection elements and connection tolerances.

You can define several assembly conditions or switch positions and analyse the requested min/max values of the closing dimensions.

Program Structure

Components from TOL1 are defined by file name and connection element, predecessor part and element, connection dimension and tolerance in a table. In another table, you define the required closing dimensions.


TOL2 calculates the maximum and minimum dimensions between any desired distance within the dimension chain.

Temperature Influence

Input temperature coefficients for the components, and TOL2 calculates temperature dependant closing dimensions as function of operating tempoerature. Even a formula to calculate temperature dependant closing dimension is given by TOL2.

Statistical distribution methods

The maximum and minimum dimensions in the dimension chain are calculated as the arithmetic sum (worst case), as well as from the square root of the tolerance squares (normal distribution).

Scope of supply

TOL2 program, sample files, user manual (pdf) including examples of applications, input forms, license granting unrestricted rights of use.

Hardware and Software Requirements

TOL2 is available as 32bit or 64bit application for Windows 11/10/8/7. TOL2 is used in combination with the HEXAGON TOL1 Software.

TOL2 Application Example

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