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Info Letter No. 92 - July/August 2005

by Fritz Ruoss

ZAR1+ Special Dimensions Rack-Pinion, Ring Gear, Involute Spline DIN 5480

New input windows simplify definition of special gear types rack-pinion, ring gear, and involute splines.

You no longer need to know that number of teeth is negative for ring gears and infinite for racks.

For involute splines, program sets tooth height factors, pressure angle, and calculates profile shift from nominal diameter.

ZAR1+: a, x1,x2 fix for Input of Center Distance and Addendum Modification

Pre-definition of the value to be calculated when changing center distance a and addendum modification factors x1 and x2 makes input more clear.

ZAR4 Constant Pitch and Module (m=const)

For calculation of tooth shape, size of tooth depends on pitch radius (mn = d / z).

Now you can also generate variable gears with constant pitch and module (mn=const).

This facilitates combination with round gears and racks.

But specific sliding and risk of tooth collision is higher with this setting.

ZAR4 Tooth Drawing

Involutes of teeth are now drawn in another color than tip circle and fillet. This eases estimation of gear quality. If involutes do not reach root circle, you should increase number of teeth.

FED5 Input Coil Diameter

At "Edit->Calculation Method" you can configure to enter center coil diameter Dm, external coil diameter De, or internal coil diameter Di. Index "o" refers to upper coil diameter, and index "u" to lower coil diameter.

WN2 - Press Fit

If you select, for example, a combination of tolerance field H7 / u7 (at "Edit->Quality", gear clearance becomes negative, means press fit. For this case, the factor k2 according to DIN draft 5466 could not be calculated. Now WN2 calculates k2 with jt=0, error messages "k2 (pow)" and "Asne < Aau" disappear.

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