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Info Letter No. 85 - May/June 2004

by Fritz Ruoss

New Spring Material

Database for spring materials was extended with Hastelloy C-4, Monel 400, Titanium, and Inconel X750 for different heat treatment. Unfortunately, Goodman diagrams and relaxation data are not yet available for the new materials. Tensile strength for all this materials is independent from the wire diameter.

Spring Material 11R51: Higher Tensile Strength for d<1mm

Rm max of EN10270-3-1.4310-S2 (Sandvik 11R51) was modified from 2050 to 2350 N/mm For wire diameter <= 0.3mm is Rm = 2350 Mpa. (until now it was 2050 Mpa for d<=1mm).

Spring Material Inconel X-750

This material has some specific properties: dependent from heat treatment, a very high heat resistance can be achieved, for the price of lower permissible shear stress and bending stress.

Now the material database contains Inconel X750 in 3 different states:

Inconel X-750 (2.4669, Sanicro 75X1)

Heat Treatment


T max

E Module

G Module

No. 1 Temper aged

900 N/mm


220000 N/mm

85000 N/mm

Spring Temper + age

1250 N/mm


211000 N/mm

81500 N/mm

Spring Temper + 3 Pt HT

800 N/mm


212000 N/mm

81500 N/mm

Spring Material New Heat Treatment Database

At "Database->Tempering" you can now define specifications of heat treatment for any spring material.

FED9: Shot-Blasting

Shot-blasting of the spring increases life expectation of springs on dynamic load. You can see the difference at the Goodman diagram. This option is available if dynamic strength values (with and w/o shot-blasting) are defined in the material database fedwst.dbf.

FED5, FED6, FED7 Special Spring Ends

In the same way like already realized at FED1+, you can now define special spring ends with FED5, FED, FED7 by input of text and coefficient for calculation of block length Lc.

FED1+, 5, 6, 7: Special Spring Ends at Production Drawing

Description of special spring ends was added to production drawing now.

FED5, 6, 7: Diagrams with Spring Data

List of essential spring parameters has been added to all diagrams.

FED6: tau-s Diagram

FED6 offers a new diagram of the shear stress tau (static load) or tauk (dynamic load) as function of spring travel s.

WN6 Polygon profile P3G

Profile curve of P3G profiles is now drawn as true-scale polyline. At "Edit->Config" you can define the number and type of drawing elements (Line or Polyline). In earlier versions, the curve was built by two arcs (according to DIN 32711).

WN6 Curve Geometry Variations

Until now, P3G profile was selected from database with DIN 32711 sizes. Now, you can also enter spherical triangle diameter d1 and eccentricity e1 for self-defined curves. Here an example with low and high eccentricity.

Software Release Procedure Simplified

In earlier versions, you had to release software by inputting a code followed by a checksum in a second input window. Now, there is only one input window for entering the key code.

After first start of the program, you get an error message:

Confirm with OK, then your email program starts and it generates a new email:

Example: Request key code for SR10298-6029:9707

Submit email, then cancel HEXAGON-Program.

You will receive the key code by email (if payment received):



Dear customer:

here are your key codes:

SR10298-6029:9707 --> CUKSMLNUFCAL:9558

Best regards

Fritz Ruoss


Now start HEXAGON program again, continue coding procedure.

You can use Windows clipboard to copy the code from your email program (mark, Ctrl-C) into the input window (Ctrl-V). Program is released now, user password for first start is "train".

If you need a new key code because you installed software on a new computer, add description of new computer on license contract, and send copy by fax to 0049 7021 59986.

During HEXAGON's holidays, send it to: Ruoss Software Romania, Fax 0040 256 401061, Tel. 0040 256 244801, "office@ruoss.ro" or "Cristina.Hariuc@hexagon.de".

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