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Info Letter No. 79 - May/June 2003

by Fritz Ruoss

Linux Versions of FED1+ and ZAR1+

Demo versions of FED1+ and ZAR1 for Linux can be downloaded from www.hexagon.de/downx_e.htm. Linux versions of HEXAGON software are not yet of equal rank with Windows versions until now, but problems with window management, graphic fonts (horizontal only), arcs (direction) and printer setup should be corrected soon. Most problems seem to be bugs in Kylix, the Linux development package from Borland.


Operating Systems - Can Linux replace Windows ?

Linux can replace Windows completely, as soon as all applications the user needs are available for Linux. Software developed with Microsoft C++ or Visual Basic is difficult to covert to Linux, cause Microsoft provides no development platform for Linux.

Programs developed with Borland C++ or Delphi are easy to convert to Linux, since Borland provides the "Kylix" development platform for C++ und Delphi programs under Linux.

If you run only office applications on some PC's, you can change to Linux on this workstations without problems: Every Linux distribution contains one or more Open Office packages.


SR1 - Enter Spring Element as Clamping Plate

Spring elements with linear characteristic line (constant spring rate) can be defined as cylindrical clamping plates of a fictituous material with Young's modulus calculated as follows:

E = L * R / A

E = modulus of elasticity [N/mm˛]

L = length of clamping plate [mm[

R = spring rate of spring element [N/mm]

A = section area of calmping plate [mm˛] (A = pi/4 * (de˛ - di˛))

ZAR1+ according to ISO 6336 and DIN 3990

ZAR1+ calculates safety factors against tooth root fracture and pitting according to ISO 6336. There is no need to update older versions of ZAR1+: the new ISO 6336 is identical with the old DIN 3990.

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