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Info Letter No. 70 - November/December 2001

Copyright by HEXAGON Software 2001

by Fritz Ruoss

FED5 3D Drawing

A 3-dimensional drawing of the FED5 calculated conical compression spring can be exported as 3D DXF- or IGES file, or you can display it on screen in a 3D coordinate system.

FED1+ Input De or Di or Dm

At Online input or Quick input, you can enter outside diameter, inside diameter, or center diameter. The value you select is the one that will be tolerated on the production drawing.

FED7 Production Drawing

A production drawing with all relevant data for manufacturing a variable compression spring (with max. 10 spring sections) has been added to the FED7 software.

SR1 New Database Values from VDI2230-2001

Some data from new tables of VDI have been added to SR1 databases:

Bolt material database (mat_bolt.dbf, mat_b_re.dbf, mat_b_e.dbf): 1.551, 1.7218, 1.7709, 1.4301 new. Modifications at 1.7709 and 1.4980.

Material data of clamping plates and nuts: (pressung.dbf): materials from table A9 added.

Friction coefficient mould seam (mue_tr.dbf): table A6 added

Friction coefficients bolt head and thread (mue_gtol.dbf, mue_ktol.dbf): friction classes A,B,C,D,E added.

SR1 Hollow Bolts

In case of hollow bolts, hole diameter is considered now for calculation of FMzul, MA and Sigma redB. For eccentric load, Sigma Sab is considered for calculation of Sigma redB and safety factor SF.

SR1 Thread Strip Safety

SR1 uses method of Dose as well as new calculation according to CDI 2230-2001 for calculation of thread strip safety.

SR1 Safety Factors

Calculation of safety factors is a new feature of VDI 2230 (2001). Safety factors were introduced to SR1 since years, the VDI signs SF, SD, Sp... are added to SR1 now.

"Safety against overelongation" was removed, because it is equal with SF coefficient from VDI 2230 (2001) for the case of ktau=0.

SR1 Vibratory Stress

Calculation of dynamic strength considers now the minimum value FAu of the axial force (Amplitude = Fao - Fau). For eccentric load, minimum stress Sigma Sabu is calculated and displayed.

ZARXE - Normal Pitch

Instead of normal module, you can enter "Normal Pitch" for calculating addendum modification of a given gear wheel with of ZARXE.

Database Accept Changes with OK

Changes are saved when closing database with OK. Until now, you first had to click the "hook" Button.

Printout Database from working directory

Network versions allow to define a protected directory to prevent that every user can modify database data. For printer parameters it makes sense to give all users access to their individual printout database, so the programs use a printout.dbf database from the working directory primarily.

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