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Info Letter No. 68 - July/August 2001

Copyright by HEXAGON Software 2001

by Fritz Ruoss

FED1,2,3,5,6,7,8 – Add user-defined material

A new function makes it easier to add new spring materials to the database. Instead of determining parameters and write it to the database, you can now enter material values for two wire diameters, and the program calculates the parameters, for example DRM from the formula:

Rm = RM0 - DRM * log(d/DR0).

At Goodman-Diagram, tauo marks the horizontal limit line, tauu is the permissible shear stress for tauu=0, and DXX defines the gradient of the line for 1e7 load cycles.

To add new materials at the relaxation database fedwstr.dbf, you must enter start value and end value of the relaxation in % for two temperatures, tensions and wire diameters.

FED1,2,3,5,6,7,8 – New Materials

High-temperature materials Inconel X-750 and Nimonic 90, as well as the non-magnetic spring steel Sandvik 13RM19 have been added to the spring material database fedwst.dbf. In contrast to most other spring materials, tensile strength of Inconel and Nimonic does not change with the wire diameter. Goodman-Diagrams and data of relaxation are not available for the new materials until now.

FED1,2,3,5,6,7,8 – Shear Module of SAF 2250

G-Module of SAF 2205 (1.4462) was changed from 73000 to 79000 N/mm², according to the new data sheet of Sandvik from September 2000. Database changes can be a problem, if the changed records have been selected in former calculations. If you load the old calculation, you get other results. If you modify database values, better use append to create a new record with the modified values, and mark at name or info fields with "old" and "new". Never delete and pack records, if you do not know if used before. If you have a network version, "Read-Only"-attribute can be set for the database directory, so that only administrators can change databases.

FED2,3,5 - Production drawing for 1 Load and 1 Spring Travel

Analogue to FED1+, production drawing of tension spring, torsion spring and conical spring shows only 1 load and tension for s1 = 0.

FED2 - Diagrams

FED2+ shows 9 diagrams of the calculated tension spring on one page.

FED8 - Save spring length

Spring length was not saved for non DIN-conform torsion bars before.

ZAR2 – Angle Correction thetaK

For angle-corrected gear pairs (thetaK<>0), the calculation of angles deltaE2 and dimensions dae2, dai2 and LW2 had to be corrected.

ZAR6 - Tooth Height.

In the old version, addendum and dedendum were constant 1.0 * module and 1.25 * module. Now you are free to use other tooth height coefficients.

Database - Search Function

Database windows in all programs got new functions to search databases for names and values (buttons "Search" and "Search Next").

Database - Append File

This function (Button "Append File") facilitates the extension of the database with user-specific catalogues and records. Records that were created with Excel and saved as dbf file can be added without problem, if data structure and decimal sign is identical.

OLE Excel - Decimal Sign

To export calculation results into Excel, you must can configure decimal sign of the Excel interface to "x.xx".

Online Input Window

Online Window was centered relative to the main window after each calculation. Now it holds its position, so you can calculate various cases and watch quick output and diagrams at the background.

Modification Index

Modification index type was moved from "Graphic" to "CAD" at the configuration window.

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