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Info Letter No. 67 - May/June 2001

Copyright by HEXAGON Software 2001

by Fritz Ruoss

FED1+ Production drawing for one load

Set F1=0, L1=L0, application static, if only one load and one spring travel has to be calculated. At production drawing, FED1+ draws F=F2, tau=tau2. F1=0 and tau1=0 are hidden in the new version.

Recalculation: Enter 0 for L1, the program sets L1=L0 then.

FED9 – Material Database

The Material database with flat spring steel was extended by spring wire, because you also can calculate spiral springs of round wire with the newer versions.


SR1+ Friction Database

You have the choice to select friction coefficient µmin from database MUE_G and MUE_K and enter max. values µGmax and µKmax. Or you can select min and max value from database MUE_GTOL and MUE_KTOL. Because there are no tolerance data available until now, all max values are set µmax = 1.25 * µmin. If you know about literature or other sources about min/max values of friction coefficients µG and µK, please let us know.

SR1+ Nomenclature

Because some signs of the old VDI 2230 were somehow confusing, and nomenclature to new VDI 2230 is not finished until now, we changed some descriptions and introduced some new signs: FMmin and FMmax get index "reqd". FM becomes "FM,max", and "FM,min" is a new designation (= FM,max / alphaA). Assembly torque MA becomes "MA,max". "MA,min" and "MA,nom" are new signs for minimum and nominal assembly torque. This nomenclature is in conformance with the new standards of General Motors.

VDI 2230






Maximale Montagevorspannkraft

Max.bolt tensile load due to assembly




Min.bolt tensile load due to assembly



Erforderliche Mindest-Montagevorspannkraft

Min. required bolt tensile load



FMmin,erf * alphaA

FMmin,reqd * alphaA



Maximales Anziehdrehoment

Maximum assembly torque




Minimum assembly torque



Mittleres Anziehdrehmoment (Einstellwert)

Nominal assembly torque


SR1+ Diagrams

9 Diagrams on one page may be displayed and printed at "View->Diagrams".


ZAR6 Tooth height of external diameter

Tooth heights of external cone were calculated with transverse module instead of normale module at ZAR6. Equations from literature ("Niemann Machine elements", table 24/1, No.19 und 20) are not correct, tooth heights must be calculated with men instead of met:

hae1 = men * (1+xhe)

hae2 = men * (1-xhe)

haf1 = men * (1+cp-xhe)

haf2 = men * (1+cp+xhe)


GEO1+ Draw Profile

The newest version of GEO1/GEO1+ allows you to draw the profile with the mouse, instead of enter coordinates or load drawing as DXF file. First of all, you must enter drawing limits:

Then you can draw the profile as polyline. You can configure a grid to avoid values with many decimals.

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