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Info Letter No. 146 - July/August 2014

by Fritz Ruoss

ZAR3/ZAR3+: Quick 3

New Quick3 View shows drawing and tables with dimensions, tolerances, measurement and strength calculation altogether on one screen.

ZAR3 Calculation for Pv > P

If calculated power loss Pv is higher than input power, gear stalls. In earlier versions, ZAR3 reported a fatal error and cancelled calculation in this case. Now, you also get the error messages, but the calculation runs through. Strength calculation is not possible for this case, so the safety factors SH, SF, SW are set to 0.

ZAR3 Life Time

Calculated life expectation until pitting has been limited to maximum 100.000 hours, this is more than 10 years in continuous operation. Calculated lifetime is printed also for calculation according to DIN 3996.

ZAR3+: Quick4

Quick4 View shows drawing and tables with dimensions, tolerances, measurement and strength calculation altogether in an A3 drawing frame according to ISO 216 and ISO 7200.

At "CAD->Quick4" you can generate the drawing as DXF or IGES file for CAD Import.

LG1, WL1+, ZAR5: Needle Roller Cage Database - Big Sizes

Needle roller cages with inner diameter of 65mm until 265mm have been added to the database.

WN9 DIN 9611

Straight-sided splines for power take-off of agricultural tractors according to DIN 9611 - Form 1 can be calculated by means of WN9. A file "din9611.wn9" contains dimensions and approximated ISO tolerances.

Help text for type select is another new feature, and type designation can be removed.

ZAR1+ CAD Quick4

Quick4 drawing with A3 drawing frame can now also be generated as DXF or IGES file at "CAD->Quick4".

ZAR1+ Dividing of Transmission Ratio for Multistage Gears

For pre-dimension of multistage gears, transmission ratio of the gear box was divided into equal transmission ratios for all gear stages. Now you can input a coefficient "i n-1 / i n" for increasing or decreasing transmission ratios of the gear stages. With input of "1", transmission ratios of the stages are equal. If input "1.1", transmission ratio of the following stage is 10% higher than that of the previous stage. For input "0.9", transmission ratio is 10% lower than for previous stage.

ZAR1+ Volume and Gear Wheel Mass for Multistage Gears

Volume and mass of all gear wheels have been added to the multistage gear printout, to facilitate the comparison of different variations.

WN4 Diametral Pitch Input

In earlier versions, you had to select pitch from sizes according to ANSI B92.1. New version 4.0 also calculates involute splines with freely defined diametral pitch.

SR1 Error in Auxiliary image

Formula for FM calculation was not correct in the auxiliary image (without bracket). See download link to replace calc2.plt.

Drawing Header - Text Size Adapted

If drawing name or drawing number is too long to fit in the drawing header, text height will be automatically reduced now.

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