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Info Letter No. 142 - Nov. /Dec. 2013

by Fritz Ruoss

ZAR1+ Pre-Dimensioning for Multistage Gears

For transmission ratio higher than 4 or 5, it makes sense to design a multistage gear. New pre-dimension for multistage gears in ZAR1+ helps you to estimate very quickly dimensions and size of the gear stages. With only few input data you get a result.

Input data are transmission ratio and number of stages, then power and input speed. Material can be selected from database, or enter material properties. In pre-dimensions, same material data are used for all gear wheels. Parameters for calculation are tooth width factor (i.e. b/mn = 15) and safety coefficients against tooth root fracture (SF) and pitting (SH). From this data, ZAR1+ calculates the gear stages, draws gear dimensions for a plain gearbox arrangement, and a table with base data of the gear stages.

If you click into the table, data of the gear stage are loaded, gear pair calculated, and results drawn in background window.

Then you can continue with optimizing the gear pairs.

ZAR1+ Quick4

New Quick4 View of ZAR1+ contains all drawings and tables known from Quick3 view and also tables with tooth tolerances and roll angles in an ISO 7200 drawing.

TOL2 Calculate Temperature-dependant Closing Dimensions

New release of TOL2 offers possibility to define material and temperature extension coefficient for every group with dimension elements. Then enter a working temperature to calculate closing dimensions at operating temperature.

At "View->Temperature" you get a screen with closing dimension as function of operation temperature.

Closing dimensions depend linear on difference temperature to 20C, at least for the zone of constant temperature extension coefficient about -20C until +100C for metals. Formula for closing dimension as function of temperature is also listed in the graphic.

TOL2 New Numbers for Dimension Elements

TOL2 is used to assemble component parts that have been created by means of TOL1. Until now, element numbers for the dimension elements had been renumbered from 0 to n. Disadvantage of this method was, that it was difficult to recognize the dimension elements and assign to groups and element numbers. Now, the element numbers of the components remain unchanged, supplemented by group number, separated by a dot. For example, "1.3" means third dimension element of component 1.

TOL2 Same Color for same Components

Dimension elements that belong to the same component (dimension group), are drawn with the same group color now in TOL2.

TOL2 Colors for Dimension Chain (Scheme)

Dimension elements of the same component are now drawn in the same color.

TOL1 Drawing

Table with closing dimensions lists now average dimension and tolerances for constant distribution and normal distribution, instead of nominal dimension, min and max dimension. This spares three columns and improves transparency.

TOL2 Production Drawing

Similar than in TOL1, you can print a table drawing with drawing element table and closing dimensions table in TOL2 as well.

Drawing data and modifications can be set at "Document" menu.

FED4 Tolerances

Until now, tolerances according to DIN 2093 had been used for dimensions and load of disk springs. In the new release, you can also input self-defined tolerances.

FED4 Stress

Spring travel s1, s2, sn and sc have been added in the stress diagram. In FED4, Ln is usable length, as known from other compressive springs. Ln corresponds to the test length Lt defined in DIN 2092, with lt (single spring) = l0 - 0.75 * h0.

WN9 SAE J499a Dimensions added in Database

"Parallel Slide Splines for Soft Broaches Holes in Fittings" according to SAE J499a can be calculated by means of WN9. SAE J499a sizes have been added in WN9 dimensions database.

WN9 Dimension Table with Min and Max Dimensions

Min and max value of internal diameter, external diameter and tooth thickness have been added to the tables with dimensions of toothed shaft and toothed hub profile.

WST1 Goodman Diagramm

Goodman diagrams have been added to material database WST1. As alternative to Smith diagram and Haigh diagram, Goodman diagram is suitable for pulsating load as occurs in helical springs, for example.

WST1 Quick3

New Quick3 View of WST1 includes stress-strain diagram, Smith diagrams tension/pressure, bending and torsion, Haigh diagram, Goodman diagram, tensile strength diagram and yield point diagram on one screen.

FED2 Shot-Blasting

"Spring shot-blasted" has been added in field 7 of the FED2 production drawings.

WN10 Pin Diameter from Dimensions Database

Until now, pin and ball diameters were calculated according to DIN 3960, or entered manually. Now, pin diameter of external and internal involute spline is loaded from database, if dimensions are selected from DIN 5482 database. DIN 5482 database was extended by 4 fields: DM2: pin diameter for internal spline, FM2: flattening of pin diameter internal spline, DM1: pin diameter for external spline, FM2: flattening of pin diameter external spline

10,000 Licenses of HEXAGON Software

Ten thousand HEXAGON programs have been licensed between 1988 and 2013. Most successful was compression spring software FED1/FED1+ with more than 1,000 licenses, followed by SR1/SR1+ for bolted joint design, FED2/FED2+ for extension springs, FED3/FED3+ for torsion springs, and gear software ZAR1/ZAR1+, with more than 500 licenses. Our first software in 1988 was TOL1 for tolerance calculation, with more than 400 licenses now.

For most programs, price is unchanged since 25 years, and will be unchanged in 2014.

Update to a 64-bit Windows version is reduced from 60 EUR to 50 EUR now.

Update price to 32-bit Windows versions (which also run on 64-bit Windows without any restriction) remains 40 EUR per program.

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