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Info Letter No. 134 - July/August 2012

by Fritz Ruoss

WN10 - Tolerances and Quick3 View

Although DIN 5482 was withdrawn since many years and replaced by DIN 5480, it seems that this old German standard for involute splines is popular and used so far. A new tolerance chart has been added to WN10. Definitions "actual" and "effective" are used in the WN10 tolerance chart, similar than in WN2, WN4 and WN5. Tooth gap tolerances of the internal spline have been added in the printout.

New Quick3 View shows tables with dimensions and strength data, tolerance chart and spline drawings on one page.

FED13 - Quick3 View

New Quick3 View with drawing of the wave spring washer, F-s diagram, Goodman diagram and tables on one screen has been added into FED13.

Diagram Limits on logarithmic Diagrams

Under "CAD" you have the possibility to show only a detail of a diagram by means of inputting xmin/xmax and ymin/ymax of the x and y axis. (must be activated at "File->Settings->CAD->Enter Limits of Diagram"). Click "Calculate" to show default settings. On logarithmic axis, program calculated the logarithmus instead of the real value in earlier versions. Bug has been fixed now.

If you use this option for logarithmic coordinate systems, please consider that xmin=0 or ymin=0 is not allowed here! You can use 0.01, for example.

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