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Info Letter No. 132 - March/April 2012

by Fritz Ruoss

DI1 - Software for O Ring Calculation

DI1 calculates squeeze of O-ring seals in concentric and eccentric position with consideration of tolerances and reduction in cross section of outer and inner radial sealing and axial sealing.

DI1 is available now, price for individual license is 190 EUR net.

WN4, WN5 - Tension and Torque in Quick View

In Quick View, table with data of strength and stresses has been added. Strength data are displayed if you entered data at Edit->Strength.

In production drawing, position of table had to be modified.


New Quick3 View includes drawing, tables and tolerances on one screen.

WN4 - Fillet Root Side Fit

For "Fillet Root Side Fit", fillet radius was enlarged (approx. full tip) on the true-scale drawings.

Spring Materials - EN10270 Standards Update

EN 10270 part 1 .. 3 and EN 10218 was replaced by new release 2012.

EN10270-2: new material VDSiCrV (and TDSiCrV, FDSiCrV)

EN 10270-3: New materials: 1.4301 in quality NS (normal stress) und HS (high stress), 1.4539, and 1.4462 in Quality NS and HS.

New data sheets are also available from Suzuki-Garphyttan, 3 new materials have also been added into the database: OTEVA 91 SC (VD-SiCrV+Mo), OTEVA 100 SC (VD-SiCrV+Ni) and OTEVA 101 SC (VD-SiCrMo+W).

EN10270-3: new tolerance classes for wire diameter: you can choose between T12, T13, T14 and T15. In the previous release, there was only one class for EN 10270-3.

EN 10218-2: No changes with influence on spring software.

FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11 New Materials

New material added to material database fedwst.dbf :

EN 10270-2 FDSiCrV

EN 10270-2 VDSiCrV oilhardened valve spring steel

EN 10270-3-1.4301-NS X5CrNi18-10

EN 10270-3-1.4301-HS X5CrNi18-10

EN 10270-3-1.4539 X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5

EN 10270-3-1.4462-NS X2CrNiMoN22-5-3

EN 10270-3-1.4462-HS X2CrNiMoN22-5-3

OTEVA 91 SC nitrided VD-SiCrV+Mo

OTEVA 91 SC not nitrided VD-SiCrV+Mo

OTEVA 100 SC nitrided VD-SiCrV+Ni

OTEVA 101 SC nitrided VD-SiCrV+Ni

Modifications: Oteva 90 SC nitrided: tensile strength parameters RM0 and RMMAX (static) enlarged due to condition after heat treatment.

Goodman diagrams of the new added materials are available only for the Oteva materials, because EN standard does not provide fatigue strength data. For EN 10270-3-1.4462 are Goodman diagrams available under EN10270-3-1.4462-S2 (Sandvik Springflex) and EN 10270-3-1.4462-S3 (Sandvik Springflex SH). Springflex may be comparable with 1.4462-NS and Springflex SH with 1.4462-HS.

FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11 New Tolerance Classes

New tolerance classes T12, T13, T14, T15 according to EN 10270-3 added. Old tolerance class EN 10270-3 renamed into EN 10270-3:2001.

FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11 Tolerance Class Setting by Material Selection

If material is selected from material database window, tolerance class is set now automatically:

EN 10270-1: EN 10270-1

EN 10270-2: EN10270-2

EN 10270-3: T14 EN 10270-3

EN 10089: DIN 2077

Other materials: T4 EN 10218

If material is selected directly from listbox (not database button), tolerance class remains unchanged.

FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8: Rm, Tau-d Diagram in Logarithmic Scale

Diagram with tensile strength and permissible shear stress as function of the wire diameter can now also be displayed with logarithmic scale of the wire diameter.

FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8: Rm,min and Rm,max

Lower and upper tensile strength limit from tables in standards and data sheets are now drawn in the tau-d diagram as step function. Table data are provided by new database files fedrmmin.dbf and fedrmmax.dbf. Please consider that table data for tensile strength belong to the delivery condition of the material. Tensile strength of the finished spring after heat treatment may be higher, especially for stainless steel wire according to EN 10270-3.

FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8: Rm Quick

New Quick View for material strength shows tau and Rm - d Diagram in linear and logarithmic scale together with a table of min/max values of tensile strength in delivery condition (Rm min, Rm max) and the calculated value in finished condition (Rm calc).

SR1 - ISO7380 Bolt Head

Hexagon-socket flat-headed screws according to DIN EN ISO 7380 have been added in the "special bolt" database table (sondkopf.dbf).

FED13 Goodman-Diagram

FED13 now calculates fatigue strength and Goodman diagram, if the required material data are available from database.

FED13 - Operation Temperature

Influence of operation temperature is considered in module of elasticity and spring rate.

FED13 - New Price: 185 EUR

Price of Software FED13 (wave spring calculation) was increased from 140 to 185 EUR for individual license.

64-bit Windows Version

HEXAGON programs since 1999 are 32 bit applications that run on 32-bit as well as under 64-bit operating systems of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. As option, we can also offer now a "true" 64 bit Windows version. This runs on 64 bit Windows only. The 64 bit version calculates faster on compute bound applications. The calculation time for a shaft on 5 bearings in WL1+ was 58 seconds with the 32-bit version, and only 38 seconds by means of the 64-bit version of WL1+. Negative for the 64-bit version is, that the program file size is 400% more than the 32-bit version. This results in longer load time on program start (especially for network versions). Because also the compilation process for a 64-bit version is more expensive than for a 32-bit version, we decided to leave the 32-bit version as standard version. A 64-bit Windows version or a 32-bit Windows version in Win7-style we offer as alternative for a surcharge of 20 Euro. Update price for a 64-bit Windows version is then 60 EUR instead of 40 EUR

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