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Info Letter No. 128 - July / August 2011

by Fritz Ruoss

SR1 - Clamping Plate Material

Material data can now be entered directly, without material database. Select ".." at "Database", then enter permissible pressure, yield point, thermal expansion coefficient, and modulus of elasticity.

SR1 - Input of Elasticity

Normally, SR1 calculates elasticity of clamping plates from E module, effective cross section and length of the clamping plate. If clamping plate is a spring or spring washer, or you want to use elasticity data from FEM calculation or practical tests, you can now check "Elasticity delta" in the input mask, then enter clamping plate elasticity directly.

GEO3 - Deformation at Combination Cylinder-Cylinder and Cylinder-Plane

For line load (cylinder-cylinder and cylinder-plane) there is no Hertzian formula for calculation of the deformation w (deformation as also defined as the axis approach of the two bodies). Since V2.4, GEO3 calculated deformation w by geometric formulas for chord of circle on flattening length a1.

w = r - sqrt (r-a1)

Because this calculation has not been proved by measure until now, calculation of deformation w and spring rate R had been removed from the result printout until further notice.

ZAR6 - Drawing of Pinion and Crown Gear

Gear drawings in ZAR6 were not exactly true-scale when imported into CAD. Picture has been corrected now, as well as the dimensioning positions of Re and tooth width b.

ZARXP - Table with Dimension over Balls

Bugfix: Dimension over balls instead of dimension over pins is listed now in the table under "M".

In the input mask, resolution at input of module and pitch was improved by means of more decimal places.

FED1+ 2+, 3+, 5, 6, 7, 9: Life Cycles and Lifetime in Case of Failure

A recently program modification that suppresses output of life cycles if maximum stress tauk2 is higher than permissible stress tauoz (see info letter 125) was not favored by all users. So we added an option to get back the earlier printouts with calculated (theoretic) life cycles and life time in any case by setting of "Hide Warnings" at "Edit->Calculation Method"

In "Hide Warnings" option, theoretic life cycles and life time are then printed in any case, even if permissible stress was overridden and spring may fail on the first cycle.

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