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Info Letter No. 127 - May / June 2011

by Fritz Ruoss

FED1+, 2+, 3+, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11

Hot-rolled spring steel wires (diameter > 10mm) according to EN 10089:2003 have been added to fedwst.dbf material database:

46Si7 (1.5023), 56Si7 (1.5026), 60Cr3 (1.7177), 45SiCrV6-2 (1.8151), 54SiCrV6 (1.8152), 46SiCrMo6 (1.8062), 50SiCrMo6 (1.8063), 52SiCrNi5 (1.7117), 60CrMo3-1 (1.7239), 60CrMo3-2 (1.7240), 60CrMo3-3 (1.7241)

SR1+ Pre-Dimension

Instead of factors, steps according to VDI2230 pre-dimension are displayed now to evaluate the influence of load case, application and tightening method. Example: factor 1 becomes 0 steps, +2 means 2 steps in the VDI2230 table for estimating required bolt size.

ZAR1+ Input of Factors incl. YNT and ZNT

By default, ZAR1+ calculates life time, if SH and SF are <1. In alternative setting, you can input YNT1, YNT2, ZNT1, ZNT2, then ZAR1+ calculates safety factors due to defined life factors. The life factors are now included if you select "Enter Factors" at "Edit->Strength".

ZAR1+ 2, 3+, 4, 5, 6: Material Database updated

Most material data in zarwst.dbf database are based on "Dubbels Taschenbuch Maschinenbau" and "Niemann Maschinelemente", see field "Source". "Dubbel" data have been updated according to new release 22 (2007). Many values of SigmaHlim and SigmaFE are higher now, some are lower. Dubbel often lists deviation zone with min and max values. ZAR databases always use min values of the permissible strength data (conservative interpretation).

WL1+ Input F, q, Mb, Fx as Table

Radial forces, path loads, bending moments and axial forces can be entered in a table now (as alternative, like at shaft geometry input).

Database -> Search

Decimal sign can be configured as point or comma in Windows Country Settings. Until now, you had to use a decimal point for searching floating numbers. Now you can use both, point and comma to find real numbers.

Units Metric, English, and "Kilo-Metric"

When you calculate large dimensions with high loads, numbers for forces and torque may be too long. Therefore, you can now set forces in kN instead of N, and torque and energy values in Nm instead of Nmm.

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