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Info Letter No. 124 - November / December 2010

by Fritz Ruoss

WL1+ Quick3 View

Draft of shaft with load and bedding, dimensioned drawing and result tables can be printed in Quick3 view on one screen now.

If you want to display Quick3 View when opening a wl1 file, you can configure this option at "File->Settings->Settings". But please consider that you may wait for a while until program has calculated shaft loads to view result table in this case. For old habitual view, configure "default" to display draft of shaft with load and bedding (without calculation).

FED10 Quick3 View

Draft with load and bedding, dimensioned spring drawing and result table can be printed in Quick3 view on one page now.

FED11 Drawing Name, Drawing Number and Remarks printed

Drawing data and remarks have been added to Quick View and the diagrams with bending torque and bending line.

WN4 - Span Width W

Span measurement W over k teeth has been added to the printout.

Number of teeth measured can be defined at "Edit->Measure".


Besides the well-known DXF definition POLYLINE, newer DXF releases of AutoCAD and other CAD systems provide a more compact definition LWPOLYLINE (subclass AcDbPolyline). LWPOLYLINE is supported by GEO1/GEO1+ since V5.1 and by TR1 since V 3.2.

ZAR3+ Tolerances According to DIN 3974-1

ZAR3+ since Version 7.2 calculates and prints permissible deviations according to DIN 3974-1.

ZAR3+ Output Power and Output Torque according to Niemann and DIN 3996

Output torque and output power depends on efficiency of the gear and is different for calculation according to Niemann and according to DIN 3996. Table in Quick View shows now P2 and T2 according to Niemann and DIN 3996, if DIN 3996 calculation is activated. Until now, Quick view listed the values according to Niemann calculation only.

Alternative configuration at "Edit->Power" for output power as input value and calculation of required input power by ZAR3 was disabled now. This calculation mode was confusing because of different data for required input torque and power according to Niemann and DIN 3996 calculation.

HEXAGON Mechanical Engineering Base Package

Since now we offer a new Mechanical Engineering Base Package for 4900 EUR, which includes a base set of HEXAGON calculation programs: ZAR1+, ZAR3+, ZAR5, ZAR6, WL1+, WN1, SR1+, FED1+, FED2+, FED3+, WST1.

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