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Info Letter No. 122 - July / August 2010

by Fritz Ruoss

ZAR3+ Recalculation

Recalculation of existing worm gears was difficult until now, if data of one component (worm or screw wheel) were unknown. Now you can enter pressure angle, helix angle, module, number of teeth, profile shift coefficients and face with to calculate center distance and gear geometry. On input of worm center diameter dm1, program recalculates module.

At "Edit->Dimension", you now choose between "Dimensioning" and "Recalculation".

ZAR3+ Results: Clearance c

At "View->Printout Dimensions", tooth head clearance c has been added.

ZAR3+ Quick View - Base Circle Diameter db added

All Programs: Suppress ACTUAL File

ACTUAL file containing current data is created automatically when you close the program. If you forgot to save a file, you can load the ACTUAL file with the last data. If you do not wish to create ACTUAL files, maybe because of data security reasons, now you can uncheck "actual" file at "File->Settings->Settings", then save new configuration.

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