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Info Letter No. 118 - November /December 2009

by Fritz Ruoss

FED1+, FED2+, FED3+: Calculation with 1 Load and 1 Spring Length

If you wanted to calculate a spring with one load and one spring travel, you had to set F1=0, s1=0 and L1=L0 until now. In the new version, you can configure this case at Edit->Calculation Method. Input windows show only one load and one spring travel or assembly length in this case.

FED2+ Loop Drawing improved

Loop in spring drawing and Quick3 View has been improved.

FED3+: Calculation Method Recalculation with alpha h, alpha 2 or alpha h, delta 2

Instead of two spring angles, you now have the choice to input stroke angle and alpha 2, or stroke angle and assembly angle delta 2.

FED9 Quick3 View

New Overview Graphic with load-extension diagram, Goodman diagram and result tables on one page. Coil distance and number of coils has been added to the table with spring angles, torque, and bending stress.

FED9 Strip Steel with Rounded Edge

At "Edit->Calculation Method", you can now define a rectangular profile with rounded edge, and enter the radius. Rounded edge is considered in calculation of torque, bending stress and weight.

ZAR5 Tool Profile

Drawing of reference profile for sun gear, planet wheel and ring gear can be displayed on screen or exported to CAD as DXF or IGES file.

TR1 Diagrams in English Units

If input was switched to imperial units, all diagrams are printed in inches, psi, lbf, lbfin.

Program Errors caused by Antivirus Programs

A user received an error message "Error # 2 (file not found). Cannot open FEDWSTR.@S@ LOGIN" and "Error # 5 (file access denied). Cannot open FEDWSTR.@S@ LOGIN" followed by "Property Visible cannot be changed in OnShow or OnHide". File access errors occur, if software was installed by Admin, and later should be applied by a user with restricted file access. This was not the case, and finally the software "Kaspersky Antivirus" was found as reason for the errors.

HEXAGON Software runs without errors, if you grant all file access rights to the application (Settings "Rules" and "Exceptions").

New Demo Versions

New demo versions are available now from all programs at www.hexagon.de/down_e.htm.

The new demo versions were updated to 2009 release (old ones were based on 2005 release). Installation has been eased. Just unpack zip file and start application. No setup, no password. New demo versions run on also under Windows 7 and 64-bit Windows.

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