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Info Letter No. 115 - May/June 2009

by Fritz Ruoss

ZARXP - New Software for Involute Profiles

New ZARXP Software generates involute profile of a gear or involute spline from few input data. Tooth profile can be displayed on screen and exported via DXF or IGES interface to CAD or CNC machine tool. ZARXP also calculates span width, dimension between pins and balls, tooth thickness, and you can input these items instead of profile shift factor x.

ZARXP calculates major diameter generated by tool profile (no addendum reduction, kmn=0). You can input tooth height factors of the tool, or alternatively major diameter and minor diameter.

ZARXP is ideal for users who want to generate true-scale involute profiles (external or internal) for CAD or CNC tooling by input of gearing data. ZARXP also converts addendum modification coefficient, measurement between balls and pins, span width and tooth thickness (ZARXP replaces our ZARXE software).

ZARXP is available June 15th, 2009 for a price of 275 EUR. ZARXE users can upgrade to ZARXP, 75% of ZARXE license costs will be credited.

WN1, TOL1, TOLPASS, LG2: ISO Tolerances up to D=3150mm

Until now, tolerances of ISO fits were calculated until 500 mm. This range could be extended now to 3150 mm. Additionally, some tolerance grades of ISO 286 could be integrated (C12, C13, EF4, EF10, F4, F6, F9, F10, G4, G8, G9, G10, K3, K4, M9, M10, P10, P3, P4, c12, k12, k13).

TOLPASS - Input Window

On changes of tolerance position and tolerance grade, tolerances and clearance are recalculated and automatically updated in the background graphic now. Up/down buttons have been added to the input windows, now you can decrease or increase size, tolerance grade and tolerance position step by step, and watch the changes.

FED1+, FED2+,FED6 - Quick2-View for Rectangular and Elliptic Wire

In FED2+, a spring drawing is available for springs made of round wire only. In FED1+ and FED6, springs of rectangular or elliptic wire are shown as section drawing in Quick2-View.

WN4, ZAR1+: Rounded Pin and Ball Diameter in inches.

Button "<" calculates a recommended pin or ball diameter according to DIN 3960, then rounded to 0.1mm. If set to English units, value is rounded to 0.001 inch now (until now, metric value was just converted to inch). Pin diameter in WN4 is listed with 4 digits now.

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