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Info Letter No. 113 - Jan./Feb. 2009

by Fritz Ruoss

WL1+: Calculates Hollow Shaft with Conical Bore

WL1+ V18.0 lets you define conical inner diameters by input of start diameter and end diameter of the shaft sections.

FED1+ Quick3 View

Spring drawing, load-extension diagram, Goodman diagram and calculation results are displayed in one screen now.

SR1 – Outside Diameter of Clamping Plates as Break Lines

Outside diameter of clamping plates now are drawn as break lines, if else outside of the drawing border (for de > 6 * di)

FED12 - Buckling Load

New version 2.0 of FED12 software for elastomere springs calculates buckling load Fk. Also the safety against buckling Fk/F2, relative to spring position 2. At "Edit->Dimensions" you can enter the bedding coefficient nue, which is essential for buckling load calculation:

Fk = pi² E I / (nue L)²

Bedding coefficient, depending on bedding of both spring ends:

nue=2: clamped / free
nue=1: hinge-mounted / hinge-mounted
nue=0.7: clamped / hinge-mounted
nue=0.5: clamped 7 clamped

Auxiliary image from FED1 is provided as help.

FED12 - Animation with Load-Extension Diagram

Animation of the spring together with characteristic line has been added in FED12.

ZAR1+ Tooth Root Fillet for Protuberance Profile and Finishing

For protuberance profile and input of a finishing allowance q (at "Edit->Quality), tooth root fillet and tooth root diameter are generated by pretreatment tool. Finishing tool only grinds the flank, tooth root fillet remains unchanged. Until now, configuration "draw tooth root curve" (at CAD->Settings) was set as default. Now, "draw tooth root curve" is reset as soon as you define protuberance profile and machining allowance q.

Envelope curves mark premachined (milled) condition, the involute curve marks the finished flank form after grinding.

ZAR5 - Input Reference Profile

Input of tool profile was eased by check boxes "protuberance profile" and "chanfer". Only the required input fields are shown depending on tooth profile type.

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