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Info Letter No. 105 - Sept./Oct. 2007

by Fritz Ruoss

ZAR3 Safety Factors SH and SF according to Niemann and DIN 3996

According to Niemann method, safety factors SH and SF are calculated for worm and worm gear. Calculation to DIN 3996 considers safety factors for worm gear only (soft material of lower strength compared with worm material).

In earlier versions, diagram at "View -> Safety" shows safety curve to Niemann as function of torque. Now, you can choose between safety according to Niemann and to DIN 3996.

ZAR3 Efficiency according to Niemann and DIN 3996

Calculation methods according to Niemann and DIN 3996 differ. Lubricant viscosity is not considered in DIN 3996 calculation, but is a main factor for PV0 calculation according to Niemann.

Because of this discrepancy, diagrams eta = f (nue) and eta = f (theta) have been removed at "View -> Efficiency" in ZAR3.

Loss of power by bearings has been added to Niemann calculation of efficiency: PVLP = 0.01 P1.

ZAR3 Efficieny Distribution of Power Loss

Distribution graphic shows influence of power loss rates on efficiency, separate for Niemann and DIN 3996 calculation. Niemann calculation considers power loss by gear PVz, idle run PV0 and bearings PVLP. DIN 3996 additionally considers power loss by sealings PVD.

WN2, WN4, WN5, WN10 View Menu

View menu has been arranged more clearly with submenus. New: Drawings of tool profile and technical drawings of shaft and hub have been added.

SR1 - Print Macro

At "File -> Print Macro" in SR1+, you can check result printout, diagrams and drawings to be printed. Print Macro saves time, if you always need the same documents for different calculations. Settings are saved in cfg file.

Spring Wire Material Ti-3-8-6-4-4

Titanium alloy Ti-3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr has been added to spring material database of FED1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 (permissible stresses only, Goodman diagram not available).

Command Line Option "/NOGUI"

HEXAGON calculation programs provide command line mode for experienced users who want to use the calculation programs as self-running module of complex calculations or optimizations. A superior program modifies data of input files, runs the calculation program, and evaluates results by means of the output files. For example, "wfed1 test.fed /I" opens file test.fed, calculates compression spring, and saves results in output file test.txt.

For grave errors in the input file (Fatal Error), no calculation can be done and the program displays a window with error messages. A new option "/NOGUI" disables error messages on screen now.

CAD Diagram Borders

For output of diagrams as DXF or IGES file, you can define the limits for x and y axis. Click on "Calculate" to set standard settings. To print diagrams with modified border limits, select diagram in CAD menu (not in View menu), enter border limits, then "control output to screen". In earlier versions, diagram border input window was opened in Command Line Mode as well. Now, standard border settings are used when calculation programs are used in command line mode.

Overflow Error 227 on Tera Byte Drives

For database operations, programs create index files (ndx) in temporary folder. Error message 227 appears, if not enough space available to create the file. However, if available memory on the temp drive is more than 2^30 kBytes (>1000 GB), this message may appear caused by an integer overflow. The bug was fixed in versions later than 11.10.2007. For earlier versions, you have to configure a smaller drive for the temp directory and the database directory at "File->Settings-Directories". For network versions we suggest to configure a local hard drive as temp directory in any case, and not decelerate application and stress network with temporary file operations.

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