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F E D 1 0

Software for Calculation of Leaf Springs

(C) Copyright 2001-2024 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin


FED10 calculates tensions and stresses, deflection and resonance frequency of flat, symmetrical as well as asymmetrical leaf springs.

Quick Input

Quick Input dialogue window allows you to enter dimensions, bedding, material, forces, path load, bending moments and path load altogether, and select calculation and output of results as list, tables, drawing, or diagrams.

Spring geometry and load

Leaf spring geometry is defined by up to 100 sections.

Load is defined by up to 50 radial and axial forces, path load, bending moments.


FED10 calculates leaf springs with fixed clamping, or 2, 3, 4 or 5 bearings. By input of spring rate, you may consider bearing stiffness for calculation.

Material Database

The integrated material database includes mostly used spring steel plate materials. Database may be modified and extended by the user.

Resonance frequency

Resonance frequency of the spring-mass system can be calculated from dead weight and external masses


FED10 displays diagrams of radial force, bending moment, bending angle, deflection, bending stress, tension and reference stress. Diagrams can be printed or exported to CAD or other software via DXF or clipboard.

Calculation Options

You can activate calculation of dead weight and/or external masses as path load. Safety against buckling can be calculated for axial load. Bearing stiffness can be considered for ball-and-socked joints.


Calculation results with maximum values of deflection, stresses, radial load, bending moment, safety, spring weight, spring rate, center of gravity, bearing pressure and bending angle on supports, resonance frequency, material properties and input data can be printed or exported as HTML table or Excel file.

2D drawing

FED10 generates a true-scale drawing of the leaf spring as DXF or IGES file.

3D drawing

A 3D drawing of the leaf spring can be exported to CAD, or foreshortened on screen.

Production drawing

FED10 generates a production drawing of the leaf spring with all dimensions. Drawing information and modification index can be entered within the program.

Help System

You can display a help window for each input value. There are also auxiliary pictures for each symbol used, and each calculation formula. FED10 displays warnings when values are exceeded. For each error message you can display a more detailed description of the error and a remedy suggestion.

Hardware and Software requirements

FED10 is available as 32-bit or 64-bit application for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7.

Scope of Delivery

FED10 program, user manual, license for unlimited time use.


HEXAGON gives a 24 month guarantee on full functionality of the software.

Information and Update Service

HEXAGON Software is continuously improved and updated. Customers are regularly informed about updates and new editions.

Download FED10 Demo for Windows (713 kB)

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