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Command line tool for Output of DXF files on laser printer or plotter

(C) Copyright 1993-2020 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

DXFPLOT software prints out and plots DXF files and can be called up by all HEXAGON programs with the CAD output feature. By forgoing a graphic interface, DXFPLOT uses very little memory and is suitable for background use with other programs. DXFPLOT converts DXF files from the output formats HP-GL, HP-GL/2, postscript or HP-GL Laser (HP Laserjet III, IV) directly to parallel or serial interfaces, or into files. Shareware programs are available for further use with needle and inkjet printers. DXFPLOT provides manifold expansion of graphic output possibilties (screen graphics, DXF and IGES files).

When outputting drawings with HEXAGON mechanical engineering software, DXFPLOT is called up in the background, which sends a temporary DXF file in the required format to printer or plotter. Scale, reference point, text width factor and stroke thickness, etc., can be defined freely via parameters. This means, for example, that from the Compression Spring Program FED1+ you can print a scaled spring drawing, or, from the Gear Program ZAR1+ you can plot a section of the tooth gearing at a scale of 10:1. Using the Bolt Calculation Program SR1 and DXFPLOT you can generate a true-scale drawing of the calculated bolt joint. DXFPLOT is called up via the parameters for file, target output, interface. When calling up without the parameters, the options available appear.

  • DXFPLOT file name [/CXXX] [/MX.X] [/Xx] [/Yx] [/Nx] [/Zx] [/Vx=x]

    The file name (or wildcard) must be entered, the other entries are optional, the sequence of the entries is irrelevant. The standard settingss are listed as follows as default values.

    Codes for target format:

    DXFPLOT Parameters

    Stroke thickness or pen assignment

    Pen assignment can be configured according to color. With a pen plotter you can give each color a pen number or with a laser printer a stroke thickness.

    Application Example for DXFPLOT

    Example 1: The file FED1DRAW.DXF is to be output via parallel interface to a laser printer.


    Example 2: The file FED1DRAW.DXF is to be output via serial interface to a plotter, the pen numbers are to reflect the color numbers.

  • WDXFPLOT FED1DRAW.DXF /CPLT /D1 /V1=1 /V2=2 /V3=3

    Example 3: All DXF files are to be converted to the scale 1:2 in HPGL/2 format

  • WDXFPLOT *.DXF /CPL2 /M0.5 /D3

    Hard and Software Requirements

    DXFPLOT is available as 32-bit application for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.
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