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F E D 5

Software for Calculation of Conical Compression Springs

(C) Copyright 1993-2020 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

Conical Spring Calculation

FED5 software calculates conical helical compression springs. The typical load-extension curve of this spring type begins linear and ends progressive. Characteristic lines and spring drawings can be graphically displayed or exported to CAD and DTP via DXF files.


FED5 provides 2 methods for dimensioning of a conical compression spring. The first method assumes that load F1 is in the linear zone and load F2 in the progressive zone of the load-extension diagram.

The second method requires that both spring loads F1 and F2 are within the linear zone of the load-extension diagram. If not, FED5 modifies pitch parameters (Po/Pu) to enlarge linear zone. Spring dimensioning can be carried out when you input spring loads, travel and the spring length L2, upper and lower coil diameters and wire diameter. The smallest possible wire diameter is calculated when 0 is entered.


FED5 calculates all required spring forces, spring travel, spring rates, spring work, tension, wire length and weight when you input wire diameter, coil diameter, spring length and number of coils.

Material Database

The software obtains the values for the most important spring materials from the integrated material database (tensile strength, admissable shearing stress, shearing modulus, modulus of elasticity, density), this saves you from searching in tables and reading out the characteristic values.


FED5 also calculates the tolerances for the wire diameter d in accordance with EN 10218 and DIN 2077, and for Dm, L0, F1, F2 in accordance with EN 15800 and DIN 2096.

Spring Drawing

Cross-section drawings and centerline 3D drawings of the conical helical compression spring in any clamping length can be graphically displayed and exported to CAD via DXF and IGES files.


FED5 allows you to display the spring characteristic curve, spring rate, and spring work on screen. Each screen graphic can be printed out on any Windows printer. Export to CAD is also possible via DXF and IGES interfaces.

Characteristic Spring Line

The characteristic line (force path diagram) of a conical helical compression spring becomes progressive at the point where the larger coils begin to touch.

Spring Rate

The spring rate is constant up to the point where the larger coils begin to touch. From this point on the spring becomes increasingly harder.

Spring Work

The spring work amounts from the integral or the area under the spring characteristic line.

Natural Frequency


Tension Curve

The shearing stress is, among other things, dependent upon the coil diameter, and for this reason increases the larger the coil diameter becomes until the coils begin to touch. The tension curve can be graphically displayed with FED5.

Goodman Diagram

You can see immediately whether or not the permissable travel tension has been adhered to for dynamically stressed springs. The curves for fatigue strength (>10 million) and for 1 million repetitions are shown.

Production Drawing

FED5 generates a complete production drawing from the calculated data as DXF and IGES files which can then be exported to CAD, or directly plotted out using the DXFPLOT software.

Hard and Software Requirements

FED5 is available as 32-bit and 64-bit version for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Scope of Delivery

FED5 program, Manual (pdf), License agreement for an indefinite period of time.


HEXAGON gives a 24 month guarantee on full functionality of the software.

Software Maintenance, Hotline

HEXAGON Software is continuously improved and updated. Customers will be informed regularly of updates and new editions.

Download FED5 Demo for Windows 7/8/10 (722 kB)

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